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The Study on the Process Control and Its Algorithm of the Automatic Coal Blending of Coal Washery Lo

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Tutor: PengJiShen
School: Liaoning Technical University
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: PLC,Fuzzy self-turning PID,Variable Frequency Control,Configuration Software
CLC: TP273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In the automatic coal blending process of the loading system of coal washing plant, while based on the advanced power in the blending theory, using the coal blending expert system finish the online real-time given of the optimized coal blending plan and coal blending ratio.How to make the control system under field conditions stable, reliable and accurate to complete the operation by the ratio, and to achieve the full control of the blending system, achieve plant production and management of highly automated, is very important for ensuring coal blending product quality , meeting customer requirements, improving economic efficiency of the coal washing plant, it is also the focus of this study.The article based on the in-depth analysis of the automatic blending process technology of the loading system of coal washing plant.Finish the overall design of the control system structure and function to achieve, shows out the system topology and system functional block diagram.In this control system,coal blending expert system gives the blending ratio to the controller, and adjusts the ratio in real time through online feedback of ash, to overcome the "gray" feature of the coal blending process, based on the fuzzy self-tuning PID parameters controller, use Siemens S7-200 PLC to achieve disc feeder¡¯s precise control of feed by the way of variable frequency control.Control system uses distributed control, uses PLC to finish the on-line acquisition and the real-time monitoring of various process parameters on the very site of coal blending, uses the IFIX control system to finish the real-time monitoring of the process; Design circuit diagram for the control system, and the principle and function of a single control loop are described in detail, design of the hardware of the control system.Design of the fuzzy self-tuning PID parameters controller of the system, compares with conventional PID control through Matlab simulation, simulation results show that: with respect to conventional PID control ,the system design of fuzzy self-tuning PID controller has short adjustment time, low overshoot, small steady-state error, has a strong ability to adapt the large inertia, delay, time-varying characteristics of the control objects of the system, the control system can meet the performance requirements.This article discusses the implementation of the control system, completed the implementation of database access, to achieve process monitoring and information management of the system mainly by the PLC System and IFIX Distributed Control System through the configuration software; to achieve the communication between control software and configuration software by using OPC technology.
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