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Design of Power Quality Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW

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Tutor: JiangChangZuo
School: Changchun University of
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: Power Quality,Lab VIEW,LabSQL,Database
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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This topic comes from the mining companies with Angang Group Dagushan Concentrator "energy information management system" project. Dagushan Concentrator broken in the production process, due to unbalanced three-phase loads crusher and harmonic voltage or current increases, the motor rotating copper loss, iron loss, resulting in broken power plant power factor is low, consumption of reactive power system reserves, increasing transmission line loss, shorten the motor life. Therefore real-time monitoring, accurate analysis of power quality parameters on the industrial production of good guidance.Test and analysis of power quality and management of foreign start very early, power quality monitoring equipment has been installed to the supply point. Large areas of power quality monitoring system installation, can effectively carry out the analysis and diagnosis of power quality. The widespread use of domestic power quality measuring instruments in real time, accuracy and operability can not meet the needs of users. Power quality monitoring in the realization of an online, real-time based on the analysis, positive networking, information technology, standardization and intelligent direction of development and improvement.In this paper, power quality standards, on Dagushan Concentrator analysis of power quality supply system, power supply system of the crushing process in the production process of the main problems existing in the design LabVIEW-based Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis System. The hyperbaric chamber system monitoring crushing, screening magnetic stations, stations in the electromagnetic fine broken, broken powder ore magnetic storage cabinets and an important station equipment into the line of power quality parameters, the signal transmitted through the RS-485 bus to the computer. LabVIEW software platform to build a friendly human-machine interface, through the setting of measuring parameters, the production process to effectively monitor the process of crushing power quality parameters, according to the parameters of power quality measurement data to understand the situation of power quality throughout the network. The program can be realized according to the actual needs of a particular node for monitoring and analysis of real-time monitoring, scientific guidance to the production, reactive power compensation in a timely manner, reducing unnecessary losses.The system monitoring and analysis of the object is to bus, major equipment, transformers and power quality parameters, divided into two parts. The first part is responsible for collecting data, analyzing statistical data, display data, the more limited the parameters of the alarm, reactive power compensation and transmission of data; The second part of the data stored in the database, according to existing data on the crushing power quality in the production process technology to analyze and study the situation of power quality throughout the network. Power quality parameters of the signal using voltage transformers, current transformers and the corresponding sensor, bus transfer to the computer. Computer power quality standards based on analysis of the signal, power supply bus through the man-machine interface display, equipment, transformers and power quality parameters important for the more limited the alarm signal on the line reactive power compensation needed to provide raw data. This increases the production of scientific Dagushan Concentrator broken, and effectively improves the power efficiency. Through software simulation shows that the system power quality parameters can be effective monitoring and analysis, energy-saving rate of about 10%, significantly increased energy efficiency.
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