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Design on the Individual Cow¡¯s Identification and Position System Based on ZigBee

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Tutor: WangXiao
School: Nanjing Agricultural College
Course: Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords: ZigBee,CSMA/CA,Position,RSSI,The skewness and kurtosis test
CLC: TN929.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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China now has become the world¡¯s largest dairy farming country, with the increasing scale of a single dairy farming, modern management of cows and precision farming becomes increasingly important. In recent years, the development of computer and electronic technology, which enables identification of individual cows, while the combination of wireless identification and position to monitor the process of breeding dairy cattle has not been reported.Individual cow¡¯s identification and position system which based on ZigBee was designed in this text, and a set of monitoring programs to collect and regulate data was developed. By means of the nodes which were installed at cows¡¯body with a 64-bit programmable permanent address, it can send identification information of individual cows, and through the RSSI-based location technology, it can exact position information. With the skewness and kurtosis test and data fitted methods, the accuracy of positioning was improved more than lm.The main research contents and conclusions are listed as follows:(1) The CC2430 as reference node and the coordinator and the CC2431 with the positioning engine functions as a position node were used in the system.A reliable hardware platform was build for the positioning system.(2)The coordinator, reference node and position node communication program was exploited which based on ZigBee protocol stack.In order to achieve targeted results visualization, the host computer functional requirements were analyzed. The monitoried software was exploited based on serial communication in the VisualC++6.0 environment.(3) The methods of information conflict prevention were summarized in the personal identification. In the opnet software,the CSMA/CA algorithm was simulated and analysised.From the experiment, anti-collision algorithm for CSMA/CA performance was achieved to the best when the number of nodes was 10 and the packet length was 100 bytes.(4)A large number of experiments were carried out after the system implementation. A skewness kurtosis test method was proposed to remove outliers.Then the experiment data was corrected through the use of the data fitting methord, so that the position accuracy was improved more than lm.(5)The position algorithms were researched and summed up. The position algorithms based on RSSI/LQI were analyzed through the experiment.According to the data fitting technique, the fitting formula of RSSI-d, LQI-d were setted up.It helpted to propose location algorithm from the using of LQI to correct RSSI.
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