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Fast Determination Method Research of Bisphenol A in Food Packing Material

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Tutor: GaoXiangYang
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Of Food Science
Keywords: Food contact materials,Bisphenol A,flow-injectio chemiluminescence,High Performa
CLC: TS206.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In recent years, Plasticizer in plastic packaging effects on human health has become a focus of attention.This paper research into plasticizer bisphenol A, Select baby bottles¡¢polycarbonate cups¡¢disposable lunch boxes as study object, using flow injection chemiluminescence detecting bisphenol A in which, This paper aims to research on rapid detection method of bisphenol A, which is significant of food safety oversight and supervision.After the samples in this paper extracted by C18 solid-phase extraction column, detected bisphenol A content in them by flow-inject Chemiluminescence.Details are as follows:Weigh 2 g £¨accurate to 0.0001 g£© samples in 200mL beakerflask with stopper, added high-purity water, 2h after ultrasonic extraction under 80¡æ.Using C18 solid phase extraction column, the extraction conditions is: using 3 mL of methanol, 3 mL high-purity water for activation, Pipette be purified liquid to solid phase extraction column, using 3 mL of high-purity water and 3 mL of methanol elution and drained, with 3 mL methanol elution, collecting eluate. The elution was dried with nitrogen at 50¡æ, then residuum was dissolved in absolute alcohol .Bisphenol A was detected by luminal-H2O2-Cr3+ chemiluminescence Optimum conditions of this chemiluminescence system were pH12.00 luminol solution, 5.0¡Á10-4mol/L,H2O2 4.0¡Á10-2mol/L , Cr3+1.0¡Á10-5 mol/L, pH2.50 BPA test solution. Under this condition standard curve was drawn. The result indicated that it presented good linear relationship when the contents are in the range of 2.0¡Á10-9 mol/L¡«1.0¡Á10-5 mol/L,related coefficient was 0.9986, etection limit was7.22¡Á10-10mol/L, RSD was 2.5%, Bisphenol A liquid and samples were dtermined under the condition, detection extraction recoveries were over 92%.Bisphenol A was detected by Luminol-potassium permanganate chemiluminescence system Optimum conditions of this system were pH12.50luminol solution 6.0¡Á10-4mol/L, KMnO4 2.0¡Á10-4mol/L, pH3.00 BPA test solution, Under this condition , the linear range of bisphenol A was 1.0¡Á10-11¡«1.0¡Á10-5mol/L, detection limit was 4.26¡Á10-12mol/L, RSD was 1.8%, For the determination of bisphenol A,with satisfactory results.Controlled trial carried out by HPLC, Chromatographic column :symmetry300 C18 5¦Ìm, mobile phase :Methanol + water=70+30, Column temperature: room temperature, Fluorescence detector: excitation wavelength 227nm, emission wavelength 313 nm. The lineat range was 1.75¡Á10-4mol/L¡«1.32¡Á10-7mol/L, the detection limit was 2.94¡Á10-9mol/L, RSD was 2.0%.Compared with the national standard, Luminol-potassium permanganate flow-injection chemiluminescence system has low detection limit¡¢high sensitivity¡¢low-cost and elatively stable system.It is an ideal rapid new analysis method of determing bisphenol A in food contact materials.
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