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Studies under Ultra-high Pressure on Goose

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Tutor: LiuXueJun
School: Jilin Agricultural University
Course: Of Food Science
Keywords: goose,high pressure,NaCl,compound phosphate,preservation
CLC: TS251.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Goose is a kind of food that is green and healthy.Compared with other birds.it contains high quantities of heat,protein as high as 22.3 percent, a variety of amino acids and the unsaturated fatty acid which is necessary on human body,and it has functions on medicinal.So with the development of the understanding od goose,it gets the more and more favor of people.In this experiment,I used the goose as raw material, pressure is 50,100,150200,250, and 300MPa, time is 5,10,15,20,25,30min, adding amount of NaCl is 0.5,1,1.5,2,2.5 percent, adding amount of composite sodium is 0.05,0.1,0.15,0.2,0.25%, at room temperature, studied the pressure,time,the addition amounts of NaCl and compound phosphate effect on the goose¡£As the pressure increases, time increases, the shear force, TVB-N, colonies of goose was reduced, it achieved the lowest when it was 300MPa and 30min, red value s gradually declined, the loss rates, TVB-N value, pH value were upward. The adding amount of NaCl was impact little on pH. By adding NaCl and polyphosphate can reduce the trend of the loss rate, the red value falls, increase the tender degrees, reduce the number of colonies..According to the single factor experiment results, the four factors of three level by response surface (RSM turbulence) was designde, ultrahigh-pressure pressure, the holding time, NaCl additives and composite sodium additives for the test factors, the TVB-N value, pH value and colonies for evaluation level, second multiple regression equation fitting and optimized was analied separately.Through the analysis, as increasing of pressure, the time and NaCl and polyphosphate TVB-N was reduced trend, pH value was increased, total colonies gradually declining. Ultrahigh pressure is the main factor, then for the time, NaCl substitutability affect the minimum.Finally the conclusion of the optimization is 293MPa,29.3 min,2.38%, for NaCl additives 0.248%adding amount for polyphosphate, TVB-N value is 3.38 mg/100g, pH is 6.59, total of colonies is 1800cfu/g.
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