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College Teacher Workload Management System Analysis and Design

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Tutor: DaiQing; LiuSen
School: Northeast University of Petroleum
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: workload,management system,storage process,teachers inColleges and Universities
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the development of information technology, the rapid development ofcomputer and Internet generally, campus information management is becoming moreand more information, digital.Teachers workload statistics in traditional campus information management, is aheadache for the task. Teachers¡¯ teaching workload statistics teachers teaching isdirectly engaged with the amount and quality of the work of visual expression. Ondeepening the reform of education and teaching process, scientific and reasonablestatistical workload of teachers is the important basis, teaching reform. But thetraditional management mode is based on the manual statistics, and statisticalcalculation method, the workload of the teachers are often inaccurate, but also easy tomake mistakes, but arduous task, it will affect all kinds of evaluation results.Therefore, the development of a counting system of teaching quantity imminent. Thesubject of the design and development of the teachers¡¯ workload statistics system is torealize teacher¡¯s teaching workload statistics office automation, improve teachers¡¯teaching workload statistic results, just sex, scientific sex and adaptability, which isconvenient for teaching management of statistical results query, arouse the teachers¡¯teaching, scientific research enthusiasm, improve the school teaching managementquality and efficiency.Taking Heilongjiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College as anexample, from school teachers teaching workload management present situation andthe problems as the starting point, the school teachers¡¯ teaching workload managementbusiness processes and information analysis, research, and the research is conductedon the basis of system demand analysis and the study, according to the thought ofsoftware engineering, the system was designed, and the system was implemented andtested.This system with Microsoft Windows2003as the operating system Microsoftplatform, SQL Server as background database, using Visual Studio2008as adevelopment tool, through the database related technologies, designed and realized aset based on the C/S and B/S mixed mode teaching workload management system forteachers in Colleges and universities. This system is aimed at the HeilongjiangAgricultural Vocational and Technical College teachers teaching workload calculation,statistics and query of the design and development of a practical management system, which mainly has the system of basic information management and workloadcalculation and so on, in the actual design process, but also covers the teachers workgross query, information management, overall workload analysis and workloadcalculation, statistics etc..
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