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Design and Implementation of School Hospital Information Management System

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Tutor: LiuFangAi
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Hospital Information Management System,UML Technology,C/S Three LayerStructure M
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Along with the quick development of science and technology, the Internationalize UniversityAdministration represents the way which education modernization will go and its trend isunshakable. As a significant institution of colleges and universities, informatization of Universityhospital in informatization construction tide appears important all the more. Therefore, how touse information technology combined with the campus card system to achieve the modernadministration of the university hospital is an essential research topic. This essay takesinformatization of University hospital as research background and chooses ¡°Design andimplementation of the university hospital information administration system¡± as its researchobject. Designed and developed a brand new university hospital information administrationsystem.According to the review of a large number of related and abroad literatures, through ananalysis of status quo and development trend of university hospital information administrationsystem, this essay explained the significance and practical value in the study of this subject. Withthe help of the staff of university hospital, our members of the project team carried out a detailedanalysis of the information administration systems currently used by the university hospital.Considering the functions setting of various departments and the needed of system access theuniversity hospital internal network. All these work has completed the task of requirementsanalysis, determined the system¡¯s functional requirements and the performance requirements.Moreover, these works also achieved the requirements of developing and running the softwareand hardware. Additionally, we adopted the UML modeling technology, defined the casediagrams and collaboration diagrams of the system, and then the system function model wasdetermined.Our project team member has discussed and analyzed the requirement analysis document, andthen designed the overall structure of the hospital information administration system for schools,database, user interface and the function module. On the structure design respect, we defined theoverall structure of the system, adopted the C/S three layer structure model, and then the systemis divided into three levels, they are presentation layer, business logic layer and data access layerto carry on the design and development of separation of interface layer and data layerimplementation code. In the aspect of database design, through the class abstraction and systemE-R model and database model of the relationship, adopting SQL Server technology, therelationship between entities in the real world for correspond to tables in a relational database schema mapping; In terms of function module design, determine the system¡¯s main developmentmodule is as follows: Outpatient management, pharmacy management, comprehensive inquiry,system management, management of multi-purpose card refund and change password and so on.It can fully implement the school hospital information administration system functionalrequirements. Moreover, it can improve the communication of the system maintenance staff andthe follow-up development of the system.The University hospital primarily offers medical services to the students and the staff ofuniversity. Additionally, the campus card system is mature and widely used in universities. Basedon the above considerations, based on the achievement that the basic functions of the universityhospital information administration system, through in-depth analysis campus card system, toimprove its integrated function with the Hospital Information Administration System. This paperrealized the integration of the part for two system settings and data interface in the process ofintegration method to resolve the problem as well as the representative system function modulein detail. In the phase of project acceptance check, through repeated text the HospitalInformation Administration System was running well and finally used in the university hospital.
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