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Design and Realization of Electronic Medical Record

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Tutor: MaZhiXin; ChenZhiXiong
School: Lanzhou University
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Medical,hospital information system,electronic medical record,databasedesign
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Along with the application and study of digital hospital of rapid development With the construction of digital hospital related concepts unceasingly thorough, the hospital information system in hospital management and clinical activities of the application of the depth and breadth constantly expand. Establish a patients diagnosis and treatment process as the center of the electronic medical record system is currently becoming the most pressing needs of each big hospital, electronic medical records in hospital is to establish various basic on the basis of clinical information, in order to meet the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the information demand and improve the doctor¡¯s clinical decision for the purpose of comprehensive information platform.Based on the domestic and foreign electronic medical records related research and application situation, according to the ministry of health issued standard medical records management standard, to establish a complete set of electronic medical record system. System from the point of view of a doctor, For demand analysis and design, In medical record management standard to change into the goal, To realize the doctor fast, convenient to write medical records, in order to provide a good service platform for medical management departments, monitoring of the actual operation of medical records.A complete set of system points seven parts, medical records design, medical records template maintenance, medical record writing, medical records quality control, medical records printing, medical records inquires and system maintenance. And the system also provides standard medical text book support, regulate the doctor¡¯s medical history writing, improved the quality of the medical records.The main work is as follows:(1)Analysis of the electronic medical record system needs to solve the problem, established the general goal of electronic medical records system, construction and design of the whole system frame, system structure,and functional planning.(2) This paper discusses the electronic medical record system database design of the main content.(3)Realize the electronic medical record system, and expounds practical application of the system.
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