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Research and Implementation on Open Online Learning and Examination System Based on ASP.NET Technology

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Tutor: YaoWenLin
School: Ocean University of China
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Online learning,Online examination,ASP.NET,B/S Mode,Database
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the rapid development of information technology, Internet technology haspenetrated into people¡¯s daily life. Many traditions have changed in current networktimes. Examination, one of important means of testing teaching effect, will not be ableto avoid the fate of reform in this spring tide.In this environment, many schools andinstitutions begin to establish online examination system according to their ownneeds.Network examination has been completely or partially realized in many large-scaleexaminations with good implementation results. Many schools are also constructingthe online examination system which accord with their schools¡¯ own characteristics.At present, a lot of examination system are too high in the cost or not suitable for theactual teaching of school. Developing school-specific online learning and examinationsystem has far-reaching significance for schools¡¯ informatization teaching reform.Current online examination systems basically focus only on testing while ignoringthe learning process. A huge number of exam questions on network are not open tovisitors, even students from the school. Teaching resources do not achieve fullsharing.In view of the above situation, this paper mainly studies two aspects. The first oneis expanding the function of online examination system---from paperless examinationto paperless learning, recording students¡¯ usual test scores and bringing them into thefinal results. The second one is optimizing pumping algorithm based on thecharacteristics of curriculum, satisfying the demand of the actual network hardwareand teaching.The system uses the ASP.NET3.5technology, programming language uses therecommended language C#, on NET platform and back-end database is Access.The system development process follows the software development process. Demandanalysis to determine the functional modules of the system, the relationship betweenthe clear ER diagram entities and database needs.Use the UML diagram to analyze therelationship between use cases in the overall system design phase to refine the function of each module, the structure of the data table.At detailed design stage, thefunctional modules have been designed and implemented, and finally integrated.Administrators, teachers, students, tourists have different operating authority in thesystem. The system functions include extracting and assembling, online learning,online testing recording test scores, statisticing course grade based onproportion,learning exam of worong, Limit the number of visitors online andother.Design test cases, rigorous testing software functionality in the software testingphase.Test results to improve the function of the system.By teachers, students feedback on the effect of the use of online learning andexamination system, the system has achieved the goal of the design.The user canquickly be familiar with the operation process because of the relatively simple systemoperation; the system has more comprehensive functions, and it can expand theconcept of ¡°monitoring the students¡¯ whole learning process¡± from the educationalrequirements for higher vocational college students; the online system can not berestricted by time and geographical position, has flexible examination form, saves thecost, enhances the speed and accuracy of marking.The system can be operated crossregion, regardless of the limitation of place, so it is more convenient. After systemtesting and months of trial operation,system to meet the basic requirements of theteachers on the online exam and students on the online exam.
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