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Research on the Employment Tracking Survey System of College Graduates

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Tutor: ChenQingZhang
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: college graduates,employment tracking,j2ee,bi technology,surveysystem
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Since the1990s, China¡¯s higher education has been expanding in a rapid way,which, in a manner of speaking, creates a miracle in the history of higher education.In the meantime, the number of graduates has sharply arisen, bringing a large-scaleemployment management issue to different levels of employment managementdepartments and universities. Under this circumstance, colleges and universitiesimplement the routine work of employment,and they also attach much importance tothe feedback of graduates after leaving campus. Some colleges can gain the servicenamed ¡°social needs and training quality tracking survey of college graduates¡± whichprovided by national fund and professional institute MyCOS Company. WenzhouVocational College of Science and Technology pays much attention to this work aswell, but it costs much since this college requests MyCOS Company to do this workat its own expense. However, the fewer staff in the employment department, dailyheavy workload, adding the ways of telephoning, sending e-mail, opening forum andvisiting personally to grasp the feedback information wasting time, and energy lead tothe collected information not comprehensive enough. Under such circumstance, ThisCollege is in dire need of improving the survey method of graduate employment.hence, it has set up specially a key issue of college to initiate the study of employmenttracking survey system of college graduates.Having analyzed the current situation of similar studies at home and broad,referred to graduates¡¯ employment information system in various universities, andgraduates¡¯ employment tracking survey system in certain universities, combined theactual working situation of graduates¡¯ employment tracking survey in WenzhouVocational College of Science and Technology, this paper has determined systematicfunctional requirement,and applied modern information technology and method, explored the technological base of system accomplishment, studied the exploitationand operating environment of graduates¡¯ employment tracking survey system,framework design and database design of system, design and realization of mainfunctional module of system, and structured the monitoring indicator system ofgraduates¡¯ employment situation through fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methodbasing on system exploitation.College graduates¡¯ employment tracking survey system mainly adopts the mostpopular network software architecture B/S supported. by SQL Server, it has taken theadvantage of J2EE and SSH core technology to simplify system exploitation andemployed Flex technology using.mxml to describe interface, thus solving thefollowing problems such as asynchronous call, no refreshing interface, and browsercompatibility,using BI technology to analysis the College graduates¡¯ employmenttracking survey data. At present, the system has completed test work, showing betterinterface display and having basically realized the function of management side anduser side.
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