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Research and Implementation of the Warehouse Management System Based on WCF

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Tutor: ZhangZhongNeng; LuoYaoQiu
School: Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: WCF,SOA,JIT,Service Modeling,WMS
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the vigorous development of the international trading market and continuallychanging in business volume for logistics and warehousing companies, logistics andwarehousing management software, which is practical, scalable, maintainable is urgentlyneeded during the process of information implementation in the related warehousinglogistics. Service-Oriented Architecture provides a new kind of software developmentmodel, reusable, loosely coupling, platform-independent, flexibility and openstandards-based, etc. Many of the features make the SOA development model to becomepopular in recent years. Windows Communication Foundation is that Microsoft builds anew unified programming model based on Web services, SOA architectures and distributedapplications, with a strong interoperability, scalability, and manageability, and it¡¯s a masterof work of distributed computing by Microsoft, which greatly simplified the enterpriseapplication development on the platform of.NET. Tech-Wave warehousing managementsystem is the information system that Quanta Group constructed to achieve the enterprisemanagement goal, enhance the management level of enterprise storage. The main goal ofthe system construction is to improve the flow of raw materials and the finished product; toa maximum extent, reduce the inventory of raw materials and speed up the stock-out of finished products; to grasp the storage information timely and comprehensively; enhancethe efficiency of storage management and operation; switch to JIT warehousing from largeinventory warehousing currently; to achieve the integration of logistics flow, cash flow andinformation flow.This article is mainly analyze specific needs of Tech-Wave warehouse managementsystem, the process of Tech-Wave storage management, system design by service-orientedmethod based WCF technology,the specific functions of the system are packaged into agreater number of services portfolio to increase the flexibility of system deployment, toachieve the rapid response to the changeable business needs.First, it is to analyze about the main contents of Tech-wave warehouse managementand critical business flow, meanwhile, to sum up the core framework and the mainfunctional blocks of the warehouse management system.Secondly, it is to analyze about service model, based on the conclusions of thewarehouse management system and the usage of service-oriented design methods based onWCF, the concept of system model. On the basis, it concludes the warehouse managementsystem model which is WCF service-oriented, and then describes the internal collaborationbetween all levels of the model and the design method in all levels.Finally, it is to describe some features of the main modules and the key links, as wellas to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the system model from the functional point,which has a certain practical significance and application value.
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