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Research and Development of Address Book on Android Platform

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Tutor: JiangMing; YinDeYun
School: Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Android,SQLite,ContentProvider,Data Recovery,Asynchronous Processing
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Android open source philosophy broke the concept of system closed such as likeIOS and Symbain, address book on Android have been one kind of service forsupporting local or the third party applications, instead of the traditional application,which fully embodies the idea of service. Although Android built-in address book fullyembodies that Android each layer can support applications, there are still inadequatesfollowing: the system doesn¡¯t support the local data recovery, which makes the thirdparty applications can¡¯t provide the function of the contact recovery in the machine. Inaddition, a unified processing method to process data or consuming time has not beenformed in the Android application development, which reduces the developmentefficiency and Increases maintenance costs.In this paper, the internal support Android platform provide for application isanalyzed from the floor layer to the upper layer. On the basis, the address book systemstructure is designed, and a more excellent address book is implemented which makesfull use of the characteristics of the contact database and puts forward a recoverymethods for local contact person data to help users to recover deleted contact. Thismethod solves the machine data recovery support with the minimum cost and makesthat the third party of application develop the local directory data recovery becomespossible. The message cycle mechanism in the Android virtual machine is discussed,and a protocol and service based the data asynchronous processing is designedcombining multi-threading technology, a service is provided for consuming-time dataprocessing for the application layer, not only makes the system operation efficiency andstability, but also solves the disunion of methods to process the consuming time datawhich is produced in the development. Then, the function on the application layer isintegrated according to the use frequency, which increases the user operability. Finally,test cases are written and the relevant parts of application are tested.This paper next work will continue to research on address book framework layerservice on the Android platform, and to constantly optimize the system.
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