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The Development & Application Research of Gravity Digital System

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Tutor: HuLiangMing
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: Gavity,Hybrid programming,Structural optimization,Genetic Algorithm,Secondary de
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the advent of information age, computer-aided design has been widely applied in the water conservancy industry. Particularly in the areas of water conservancy projects, such as engineering calculations, design optimization, engineering construction progress simulation, engineering drawings, data transfer and resource sharing. The design process of gravity, there are many repetitive work, so gravity digital system came into being. The system can realize digital design of the gravity, greatly improving the efficiency of the design staff. The preparation of gravity digital system software involves a complex algorithm. If these algorithms use high-level language, the system will greatly extend the development cycle, and the skill level of developers put forward higher requirements. MATLAB Genetic Algorithm Toolbox has been widely used in structural optimization. If the system development to apply these results, it will achieve a multiplier effect.In this paper, with resort to the interface of VB.NET provided by MATLAB, hybrid programming was used for the development of gravity digital system. Structural optimization, CAD re-development, gravity digital modeling, hybrid programming technology and so on, had been conducted the deep research in the article. On the basis, the gravity digital system had been developed.With the engineering example of Gushan Lake Reservoir concrete gravity dam, it had been optimized. Details are as follows:1. The objectives of developing the gravity digital system, design principles and development environment were explicated. And the overall framework of the system had been done in detailed planning, which determined the function of gravity digital system.2. The basic theory of structural optimization and the secondary development of CAD were described in detail, and parametric modeling gravity were to realize the modular hydraulic structures. In addition, the gravity designed system had been developed. 3. The main features of the system were discussed, which mainly include the system registry, optimizing the design section, the dam corridor design, hydraulic tunnel design and other auxiliary functions.4. By combining with the example of Gushan Lake Reservoir in Jiaozuo city, the system software was validated, and the original designs were compared. The engineering example shows that the developing method of mixed programming has high efficiency and good operation. Using genetic algorithms to optimize the design of hydraulic structures can produce significant economic benefits. So, it has extensive promotional and engineering value.
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