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Experimental Study and Finite Element Analysis on Steel Fiber Reinforced High Strength Concrete Three-Pile Caps

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Tutor: GaoDanYing
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: Steel fiber reinforced concrete,Three pile cap,Experimental study,Finite Element
CLC: TU473.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Bearing capacity , settlement amount is small and uniform and seismic performance of pile foundation , pile foundation is used widely . Cap as a critical component of pile foundation nexus , improve its force performance is very important . The pile capping Taichung application of fiber reinforced high strength concrete can improve its crack resistance , shear performance , seismic performance and durability , while reducing the cap thickness of the pile capping the requirements to meet the high-rise and high-rise buildings . new ways . In this paper, the experimental study and finite element analysis , to explore the performance of the three bearing platform of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFHSC) force and power transmission mechanism , the following major elements : ( 1 ) through 6 ratio of 1:5 steel fiber specimens of high strength concrete pile caps model tests to study the impact of the two changes in parameters of the cap thickness and fiber volume fraction , crack development and failure pattern described in the Order of the station . The results show that : the destruction of three bearing platform is different from the general flexural members , belonging to the shear or punching shear failure . (2) this paper test results and related research , analyze the influencing factors of ultimate bearing capacity of steel fiber reinforced concrete pile caps . Impact steel fiber reinforced concrete pile caps ultimate bearing capacity factors : the effective thickness of the cap , fiber volume ratio , concrete strength , the cap from the thickness ratio , the amount of reinforcing steel and reinforcement . At the same time , the steel fiber type is also an important factor to affect the ultimate bearing capacity of the pile cap . ( 3 ) through the trials of three longitudinal reinforcement of the bottom of the pile cap stress change and strain characteristics of the concrete side of the cap . The results show that : the stress changes along the length of the bottom of the longitudinal reinforcement is very small , like a trolley , the description the three pile cap force performance is similar to the space truss model ; concrete strain no longer meets the plane section assumption . The three pile cap space truss model force performance . ( 4) the three bearing platform finite element model to investigate the force transfer model of the three bearing platform . The results show that : the three bearing platform power transmission model in line with the space truss model, the destruction of the cap is due to steel fiber reinforced piles connection within the concrete ramp strut cut or damage caused by the splitting tensile .
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