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Application of Graphics and Image Processing in the Concrete Aggregate Modeling

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Tutor: LouZongKe
School: Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: Concrete,Random aggregate model,AUTOCAD,VBA,Intersection method,Intersection met
CLC: TU528.0
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Macro concrete test cycle, spend a lot of human and financial resources and random, so that the scope of the study has been largely restricted. Accompanied by the development of computer technology, concrete meso-level research more and more attention has been paid, and that in considering the premise of the interfacial transition zone, and concrete as a transition between the coarse aggregate, mortar and aggregate and mortar sticky junction of three-phase inhomogeneous composites, and thus make up for the many defects and deficiencies in macroeconomic analysis. Starting from the point of view of concrete materials, science-based data structures and computer graphics image processing, in accordance with the software engineering thinking, research based on the two-dimensional mesoscopic structures, graphics generation method based on digital image technology of three-dimensional mesoscopic structures concrete block finite element modeling, concrete mesostructure automatically generated, made the following main results: (1) different types of random aggregate model generation algorithm, provides a concrete mesostructure effectively effective modeling method. This paper presents a new approach - the intersection of law in the aggregate delivery process interference judgment, the method is simple and quick, easy to program, and is applicable to two-dimensional, three-dimensional ellipsoid, convex polyhedra and other types of aggregate interference judgment. (2) in the study of the intersection of law based on the based volume determination interference - the intersection of law, the application of the Monte Carlo method in accordance with a certain level with generate concrete two-dimensional and three-dimensional numerical specimen proposed a new generate polygonal aggregate method, in accordance with the method can establish concrete meso model in a finite element software. (3) in the polar coordinate swells became natural aggregate model. The intersection of law and served in accordance with the gradation, to generate natural aggregate concrete model. (4) the use of digital image processing technology for image segmentation using grayscale and Lab color space of concrete sectional slice segmentation, and then merge the maps and the digital image of the cross section of the concrete to the finite element mesh directly to generate the the true internal characteristics of the concrete numerical specimen. The examples show that the structural features of the automatically generated by the proposed algorithm, and automatic identification of concrete slicing concrete meso geometry meet real concrete in the statistical sense.
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