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Research on the Calculation Model about the Stability of the Expansive Soil Slop

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Tutor: LiZongKun
School: Zhengzhou University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: expansive soil,slope stability,ABAQUS,strength reduction method,the calculation
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In this article, the variable properties of the expansive soil are carefully investigated and the corresponding analytical conclusion is that when we make an analysis of the stability of slope of the expansive soil, the characteristics of the expansive soil must be considered. Computational model of expansion soil slopes has been built up through the division of the top soil and the use of different strength parameters to them as well as the introduction of the force of expansion into FEM as the surface force.The author successfully applied the FEM software called ABAQUS and via the use of principles about Strength Reduction Method to get the analysis about the stability of the expansive soil slope to be real. Besides, this paper, by creating instances about the expansive soil slope finite element calculation, also successfully simulates the state of the expansive soil slope in the unsettled condition in order to get the exact safety factors.This paper, to attain the influence of the slope, via FEM computational model of expansion soil slopes has three ratios of slope as objects of study which are 1:2¡¢1:2.5¡¢1:3. The author, applying division or bulging force or both rather than considering expansion soil¡¯s characters, successfully makes an FEM analysis of slopes and get the knowledge of the individual influences from the expansion soil to slopes when slowing down. This paper also gets the influence of the existence of overburden layer in expansive soil slope to its stability, through setting three FEM models. There is non-expansive soil slope overburden layer in one condition,1 meter in another, and 2 meters in the last condition.It is proved that with the various calculation results of different conditions this method is feasible, and the conclusion can live up to the reality, the safety factor reasonable. Its value contributing to some relative researches afterward should be admitted.
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