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Energy-saving Reconstruction of Ground Source Heat Pump System and Case Analysis

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Tutor: ZhuNeng
School: Tianjin University
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Ground Source Heat Pump,Energy saving,Variable Primary flowSystem,Heat Recovery
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the growth of world population, the development of economy and theprogress of society, the energy demand of people is increasing, which has caused aseries of social and environmental problems. People are eager to find a renewableclean energy because of the diminution of resources and the deterioration ofenvironment. And in the existing energy consumption structure, the proportion of theheating and air conditioning energy consumption in building energy consumption ismore and more big, so in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection,building energy saving and human comfort, it has become an important work ofHVAC industry to look for a new energy saving and environmental mode for heatingand air conditioning.Ground source heat pump system has been widely used today, but a number ofproblems still remain in the design and operation of some projects. So it is the key forthe sustainable development of energy resources to realize the energy savingreformation of ground source heat pump system, and thus can also meet the furtherenergy saving requirements and achieve the best economic benefit.In this paper, first the author analyzed the problems found in the existing groundsource heat pump system from the four aspects: technology promotion, system design,site construction and unit operation management; Then according to the operatingstatus of the specific engineering example applying ground source heat pump system,the author put forward the specific ideas and methods of the energy-savingtransformation, including:£¨1£© Transforming the constant primary flow system as avariable primary flow system by changing water pump and installing the frequencyconversion control system. Through the transformation, the pump flow will changewith the change of the indoor load, which saving the energy.£¨2£© Improving andoptimizing the original air conditioning control system, and adding the appropriatedevice to meet the requirements of energy saving.£¨3£© Heat recovery technology ofground source heat pump was applied to make full use of the condensing heat insummer, and the heat recovered was provided to produce the domestic hot water, so asto reduce the operating cost of the device and avoid the pollution of environment. Atlast, an evaluation of the energy saving effect was carried out by comparing the energy consumption before and after the transformation. The analysis proved that theground source heat pump system transformed can avoid the waste of energyeffectively, and ensure the high efficiency and smooth of the equipment. This paperprovided the practical experience for the energy-saving transformation of groundsource heat pump system in the future.
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