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Evaluation of Green Air Conditioning Heating System Based on Multiple Criteria Decisiong Method

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Tutor: LiYuYun
School: Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: green building,green air conditioning heating system,multiple criteriadecision,a
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the increasing growth of building energy consumption which airconditioning heating system takes up lager proportion,energy shortages problemis becoming more and more serious.Through the comparison and analysis for the greenbuilding assessment system at home and abroad,this concluded the content andcharacteristics of air conditioning heating system evaluation,and obtained thatthe green building assessment systems are not linked with the integratedoptimization design of HVAC system completely,the unitary index and qualitativeanalysis is also adopted to assess the current green building assessmentsystems,there are lots of uncertainties and subjectivity in the systems andproducts selected. So,this consulting the green building assessment system athome,by ideal point method and weighting method of multiple criteria decision,thisestablished a hierarchy structure model,and take the whole life cycle¡¯s optimizedselection of the air-conditioning system on the architectural design¡¢the initialinvestment¡¢operating costs¡¢operation and management¡¢environmental impact¡¢energy consumption.By example,the practicability and reliability of the methodis testified.Specifically:This adopted architectural design evaluating indicatorwhich included building load¡¢land saving¡¢energy saving¡¢water saving and indoorenvironment indicator.Consulting the¡¶evaluation standard for greenbuilding¡·,this obtained the scores of each indicator,then this converted totalscores into1¡«9scale,which are considered the scores of the architectural designevaluating indicator;Annual operating costs of each scheme are obtained by dynamiccalculation;Discussing the factors which affecting the operation and managementof air conditioning heating system,this got the quantitative index of eachscheme;Calculating each target value,comparing relative materiality between eachfactor,using the mathematical equations in multiple criteria decision,thisobtained the weight judgment matrix¡¢evaluation index matrix¡¢comprehensiveevaluation,and obtained the optimal scheme.
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