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Research on Ground Source Heat Pump System of Optimal Allocation and Run Strategy in Wuhan

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Tutor: LiYuYun
School: Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Mathematical model,The hourly load,Dynamic simulation,Systemoptimization,The ana
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Based on ground source heat pump energy efficiency assessment in Wuhan, the systemconfiguration and operation situation are summarized, and the characteristics of differentconfiguration and operation strategies are analyzed in detail, as well as the current commonmisconceptions in design.On the basis of the working characteristic analysis of the main components of thecompound ground source heat pump system in Wuhan region, heat transfer mathematical modelof the heat pump host, cooling tower, the heat recovery system, and ground heat exchanger areestablished, and the relevant model is validated by test and error are analyzed. Through thethree-dimensional heat transfer simulation of the ground heat exchanger, the article draw theinfluence of heat exchanger heat transfer performance and the geotechnical thermal equilibriumunder the different circulating fluid velocity, the temperature, the form of buried pipe, thethermal conductivity coefficient of geotechnical and backfill material, the initial run time and theintermittent way. Combined with the heat transfer mechanism of rock and soil, the causes of theeffect are analyzed, and optimization method of these parameters in the design and runtime areobtained.By load characteristics analysis of the building air-conditioning and hot water of an officebuilding and in-patient building, the article set up ground source heat pump with differentconfiguration and operation scheme. Based on eight year¡¯s hourly dynamic simulation of thesesolutions, the impact of various configuration and operation strategy on the overall performanceof the heat pump is analyzed according to the simulation results. At the same time, the basic datathat used to analysis and optimization of the system is provided.In order to establish the optimal system configuration and operation strategy, the schemeevaluation system which including seven indexes to evaluate the ground source heat pumpsystem is went up by using the analytic hierarchy process. Based on the system, theconfiguration scheme of different ground source heat pump of the selected office building andin-patient building is evaluated, and the optimal configuration and operation strategy is obtained,combine with former research, all options are further optimized.
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