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Research on Running Energy Efficiency Evaluation and Influencing Factors of Ground Source Heat Pump

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Tutor: LiYuYun
School: Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: ground source heat pump,energy efficiency evaluation,benefit analysis,faultdiagn
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the development of ground source heat pump technology and completion of theMinistry of Housing Demonstration Project, energy efficiency became the most concern ofconstruction, government and society as a whole. This paper, based on ground source heat pumpsystem testing work and combined with the problems existing in the design and application, hasa deep study on GSHP system¡¯s application effect, energy saving, economy and environmentalbenefit in the district of Wuhan. It starts from the measurement of the ground source heat pumpsystem, then gives detailed introduction of the main content of the energy efficiency evaluationand methods, and fatherly summarizes the calculation method of efficiency evaluation; Referringto measured data of ground source heat pump system, this paper analyses the system energyefficiency test results. From the point of view of thermodynamic Perfectibility, the calculationmethod of EER under different conditions is proposed, and presents evaluation of theenergy-saving benefit, environmental benefit and economic benefit with different evaluationindexes.With ground source heat pump system testing work, this paper summarizes the installation£¬application method of testing instruments and testing error, and bring up the fault methoddiagnosis method and troubleshoot method, based on the analysis of frequent fault in the testingprocess.In this papers, many sets of experimental scheme are designed based on the GSHPexperimental platform to study the buried pipe diameter, single and double U, velocity and otherfactors on the efficiency of the system; At the same time, referring to project cases, it givesanalysis and solution as well as advice on the phenomenon of "big flow small temperaturedifference" and "the underground soil thermal imbalance".This paper, through the actual project¡¯s efficiency and benefit analysis of ground sourceheat pump system, gets to the conclusion that GSHP system has a wider application prospect inthe district of Wuhan.
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