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Research on Energy Saving Reconstruction of Existing Residential Buildings in Wuhan

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Tutor: LiYuYun
School: Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: existing residential buildings,energy saving reconstruction,reconstructiontechno
CLC: TU241
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Based on the site investigation and energy consumption survey of existing residentialbuildings from2012to2013in Wuhan, the existing residential building information, retainingstructure and present situation of energy consumption are given in the paper. Based on theproblems found in the course of the survey, the scope of energy-saving reform of existingresidential buildings is analyzed and that exterior window becomes the key of the energy savingreconstruction is determined.To discuss the technical and economic problems that emerge in building energy efficiencyreform of existing residential building in Wuhan, the energy consumption of typical existingbuildings is calculated using the DeST-h energy consumption simulation software before andafter energy conservation transformation, the energy saving technology and its potential ofexternal wall, roofing, overhead floor, exterior window, sun shading is analyzed and compared.On the basis of the applicable retrofit scheme in existing residential building palisade structureand current heat preservation and heat insulation materials product price in Hubei province, notonly the palisade structure retrofit scheme of energy saving effect and economic analysis ofdifferent level is given, but also the respective energy saving reconstruction measures of besteconomic benefit is discussed. From three points of view, namely the shortest static paybackperiod, the energy saving rate50%and the energy saving rate65%, the energy-saving benefit,economic benefit and environmental benefit structure of low, medium and high levels ofcomprehensive renovation is respectively discussed.The effect evaluation and examination after energy saving reconstruction of existingresidential building is also proposed in this paper and two different kinds of energy consumptioncalculation criterion is given for energy calculation after energy saving reconstruction.
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