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Research on Soil and Water Conservation in Long-distance Water Diversion Project

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Tutor: ZhouQin
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Diversion Project,Water and Soil Erosion,Impact Factor,Evaluation
CLC: S157
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Water, the origin of life¡¯s development on earth, is the most essential element to humanlife and social development. China has a wide spectrum of terrains and climate zones. Thewater resources among regions in China are uneven distributed because of its large anddiverse geography. With the continuous development of social economy, contradictory effectsamong human, resources and environment become increasingly acute. It is a strategic task tomake research on water development and utilization. Long-distance water diversion project isa high-efficient way for water distribution, which is widely used in various fields, such aswater allocation, urban water supply, agricultural irrigation and environmental governance,etc.Long-distance water diversion project is a comprehensive project for water conservancydevelopment and construction in ¡°dot¡± and ¡°linear¡±. However, we are facing many challengeson water and soil conservation when processing the project because of long distance, variousgeomorphic types, large quantities of earth and stone, etc.Guangzhou West River Diversion Project is a typical comprehensive project for waterconservancy development and construction in ¡°dot¡± and ¡°linear¡±. The research on water andsoil conservation in this long-distance water diversion project has great social influence andapplicable values. This thesis will summarize the comparison methods on water and soilconservation in the overall distribution in the long-distance water diversion project throughthe theoretical methods and specific cases studies, set up the mathematical modeling toevaluate the route effects in the project, make detailed analysis on the features of water andsoil erosion and raise the countermeasures on water and soil conservation.Through the above analysis and evaluation research, the following statements have beenraised:1. Take the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to evaluate the best route scheme tokeep water and soil conservation.2. Complete and improve water and soil conservationmeasures through the factors assessment results.3. Raise the countermeasures andsuggestions on water and soil conservation measures and management methods, which canalso be a helpful reference for other long-distance diversion projects in China.
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