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Research on Technical Program and Measures of Rainwater Utilization in Tianjin City

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Tutor: XingGuoPing
School: Tianjin University
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Tianjin city,rainwater utilization,concave-down green space,technical program
CLC: TV213.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the accelerating process of urbanization, the contradiction between supplyand demand of water has become increasingly prominent, the shortage of water hasbecome one of the important factors restricting the sustainable development inTianjin. Tianjin is a mega-city with a population of more than10million, the watershortage problem is very significant. The per capita possession of water resources isonly160m~3, as just1/5of the level of the country¡¯s per capita, even adding the waterfrom Luanhe-Tianjin water diversion project, per capita possession of waterresources is also only370m~3,which is far below the international water scarcitycordon1000m~3per capita. As an important part of the water circulation system of thenatural world, rainwater plays a very important role in complementing regionalwater and regulating the ecological environment. Rainwater utilization is one of theimportant ways to achieve the sustainable development of utilization of waterresources and water environment.This paper focus on how to make use of urban rainwater resources in Tianjin tosolve the problem of water shortage in Tianjin.The main contents of this subject including: researched a large number of urbanrainwater utilization data at home and abroad, analyzed the problem and prospects ofrainwater utilization according to the specific circumstances of Tianjin, summarizedthe concept and technology of urban rainwater utilization, proposed problems thatneed to be further studied and recommended of rainwater utilization in Tianjin.According to the actual situation in Tianjin, the experimental tests andtheoretical calculations suggest that the concave-down depth of Tianjin should be100mm. The storage-infiltration efficiency is up to70%when the green space rate is30%and the rainwater¡¯s recurrence interval is2years, that will reduce the amount ofrainfall peak and green space water demand effectively and increase groundwaterresources.This paper investigated theoretical methods in order to guide the practice. Thesubject put forward some countermeasures and technical methods in urban rainwaterutilization according to the specific natural and water resources status of Tianjin. Ithas important guiding significance in solving the water shortage and improvingurban water ecological environment.
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