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Prediction and Control Techniques Research on Environmental Effect of Noise from Elevated Roads

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Tutor: XiongHongBin
School: Hefei University of Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Noise from Elevated Roads,Prediction Pattern,Environmental EffectPrediction,Nois
CLC: U491.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Along with the social progress and economic development, the urban transportbecomes more and more advanced. Flyovers have sprung up, bringing convenience topeople at the mean while also bringing serious noise pollution to the surroundingenvironment. In the case of the noise pollution from urban elevated roads, there existproblems of noise superposition from the viaduct and the ground road, and of longitudinalnoise distribution of sensitive buildings. These problems have a great impact on theenvironment. At present, there are lots of reports on urban elevated road noise impactprediction and control technology. However, few of them consider the noisesuperimposition from the viaduct and the ground road and the longitudinal effect ofbuildings. Hence, how to reasonably and reliably predict the urban elevated road noise andhow to select the economy based on the predicted results and the applicable controltechnology are of great significance, and are the urgent needs to address the problems.The dissertation first passes through the literatures to address the existing problems atdomestic and abroad on the elevated road noise environmental impact prediction andcontrol technology. It provides the basis for the project noise predication and control. Andpractical work found that the viaduct noise prediction results are not consistent to the actualtests, and they often do not conduct a longitudinal impact prediction so that the controlmeasures are not allowed.In this research, the three common modes at domestic and abroad have been analyzedbased on the implementation and the advantages and disadvantages: U.S. FHWA predictionmode, the2006standard mode of the Ministry of Transportation, and the2009guidelinemode of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. In this dissertation the combiningmethod of the2009guideline mode and the2006standard mode of the Ministry ofTransportation is selected to predict the urban viaduct noise impact, considering thesuperimposition from the ground roads and the longitudinal noise impact. According to theprediction results, measures were realized.This research is based on the instance of viaduct road in the Changjiang West Road atHefei city, and has the following conclusions:(1) In this research the major method is combining the2009guideline mode and the2006standard mode of the Ministry of Transportation. It is considered that the2009guideline mode of the Ministry of Environmental Protection have not definitely stated theappropriate speed of motor vehicle for the prediction model. Hence the speed formula fromthe2006standard mode of the Ministry of Transportation was adopted. The distance fromthe prediction points to the center line of the lane has been amended. The various carmodels of equivalent sound were superimposed. Finally the traffic noises from viaduct andground roads were superimposed.(2) This dissertation selected the Shi Li Miao Primary School in Hefei, the westerninpatient department of the First People*s Hospital of Hefei, the New West Ming Court, Singapore*s Garden City district (with no sound insulation screens), and the east alley of theRed Cross Cardiovascular Hospital of Anhui Province (with sound insulation screens) asthe representative sensitive points. Vertical transmission of traffic noise is first with theelevated floor to increase to a certain floor, reaches a maximum emergency significantlyreduced with elevated floors. Whether measured or predicted, regardless of day and night,silent barrier to comply with this law. The transverse propagation of traffic noise issignificantly reduced with increasing distance, which in the first60meters is more obvious.After that, its magnitude is smaller and slowly near to background values. Whethermeasured or predicted, regardless of day and night, silent barrier to comply with this law.Buildings with sound barriers at present reach the basic standards and the sound barriershave the noise reduction effects on the same height floors in the buildings. Then theprediction was made according to the selected prediction mode and for each sensitive pointconsidering the noise superimposition from viaducts and ground roads and the verticalnoise distribution problem. The results of the western inpatient department of the FirstPeople*s Hospital of Hefei are: a) on the condition without considering the noisesuperimposition, the errors between measured and predicted values were daytime in2.3-5dB and night in the3.2-4.5dB; b) considering the noise superimposition, the error weredaytime in-0.4每0.8dB and night in the-0.3每0.4dB. The results of Singapore*s GardenCity district are: a) considering the noise superimposition, the errors were daytime in2.2-4.5dB and night in3.3每5.8dB; b) considering the noise superimposition, the errors weredaytime in-0.8每0.7dB and night in-0.5每0.6dB. On the condition of considering thenoise superimposition, the noise errors are far less than the ones without considering thenoise superimposition. It proves that the selected mode is appropriate and the method usedin this dissertation is correct.(3) Based on the predicated results, combined with noise control principle, thisdissertation proposed relevant measures to control elevated composite road noise. Such asrational planning, low noise road surface, sound barrier and the green belt, different soundinsulation windows on different floors, rational distribution of room to install acousticdoors, and so on. Practice has proved that this article using the idea of prediction mode theproposed urban elevated road noise control technology demonstration effect for domesticurban elevated road noise prediction and control.
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