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The Empirical Research and Comparison between Highway Traffic Noise Prediction Models and Monitoring

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Tutor: XuWenBin
School: Guangdong University of Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: highway,traffic noise,prediction models,empirical research
CLC: U491.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Currently, the construction and operation of highway have played a huge role in promoting the transportation and economic development. However the attendant environmental problems has arouse people¡¯s attention, the environmental noise pollution is most serious.Consequently.the noise prediction of highway is extremely important.lt is decided to choose what kind of noise control measures or solutions.Now, in view of the highway noise prediction,some foreign countries have developed the prediction models based on local road traffic noise, China also issued all kinds of traffic noise prediction models in the form of norms and guidelines.Among them,the specification model of version2006and the noise guideline model of version2009are widely used.The two patterns consistent in the main expression, are the addition of noise source intensity and other additional attenuation and correction terms, but distinguish in related parameters and calculation,the specification model of version2006includes vehicle speed and noise source intensity with clear formula.However. the noise guideline model of version2009is not clear about the calculations of the speed and noise source intensity. In terms of computation of equivalent distance and attenuation distance also have differences, so that the EIA units¡¯prediction and evaluation of highway noise accuracy is controversial, resulting in the feasibility and necessity of noise pollution prevention and control measures are questioned.Based on this, this paper, through the analysis and comparison of different forecasting results in different monitoring sections, vehicle flow, distance, height difference, and ground state in expressway, to examine the compliance of the prediction results and measured results,and proposes a modified scheme for the prediction model, in order to obtain the accurate predict model of expressway noise.This paper selects the typical section of representative expressway, and measures the noise and records speed,traffic flow,motorcycle type and related parameters.And then using the combination of the four commonly used traffic noise prediction models to predict in theoretical about the expressway mentioned above, and conduct a fitting analysis compared with measured values.Through the comparative analysis, select the best prediction mode which best fits the measured value, that is the combination of the noise guideline model of version2009mode and the specification model of version2006are the most accurate.To be specific, for the calculation of speed and bicycle radiation level using the "the noise guideline model of version2009", as for the distance attenuation equation considering the size of car flow as point line sound source and other relevant attenuation item,using"the specification model of version2006" to calculate. Finally, conduct a comparative study about the traffic noise characteristics of the expressway and municipal road, apply the above optimization model to conduct a fitting analysis about the municipal road,and the results show that the above optimization model is also the best fitting for municipal road.
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