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"1025" Baotou city environmental monitoring business personnel and information construction development research

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Tutor: ChaoLuo; GaoHaiRong
School: Inner Mongolia University
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Environmental monitoring,personnel,information construction
CLC: X830
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Environmental monitoring is the basis for national economic and social development and public welfare undertakings."Eleven-Five" end state "Twelve-Five" made a significant decision making arrangements for environmental protection work. Environmental monitoring as an important basis for environmental protection work, caused the country attached great importance to Premier Wen Jiabao clearly requires the establishment of advanced environmental monitoring and early warning systems, fully reflect environmental quality status and trends, accurate early warning of sudden environmental events. Vice Premier Li keqiang also for urban and rural construction of environmental monitoring system has made important instructions. Not only for the leaping development of environmental monitoring has brought rare opportunities, environmental monitoring has also been further deepening the development and transformation of historic Foundation. Speeding up the construction of environmental monitoring system, is both a cause of environmental monitoring their development and implementation of environmental protection of historic change, explore new roads press and realize optimal economic environment, need for harmonious development of environment and economy. Rapid economic development in baotou new requirements for environmental protection, but also for the development of environmental monitoring presents new challenges. Environmental monitoring as a basis for environmental protection, full integration at the technical level of the current from the traditional to the environment as a whole, promoting environmental protection important breakthrough of historic change.Environmental monitoring is inseparable from the rapid development of the cause of good human resources equipped with. Environmental monitoring equipment, personnel, funding institutions, essential for the construction of information system development. Is the basis for establishing information system equipment and personnel, further improve and perfect the station personnel and construction of environmental information systems at all levels, is essential for career development of environmental monitoring, and became one of the important breakthrough in advancing the cause of environmental monitoring historical change. This paper seeks to research and explore the "Twelve-Five" during the environmental monitoring station of baotou city information construction of talents team construction and development, as the theoretical basis for the development of the cause of environmental monitoring in baotou.
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