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The Analysis of Volatile Cyclic Siloxane in Dalian Water

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Tutor: JinYiHe; LiuZuo
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Solid phase extraction,Gas chromatography-mass spectrum association,D4,D5
CLC: X832
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The solid phase extraction(SPE) is a new and high perfermence pretreatment sample technique which is developed since1990s. This technique overcomes lots of previous disadvantages and has collected gathering and concentration to a body. It is simple, convenient, nosolvent. It also can not pollute again. So the method is an application forward pretreatment technique in environment.Sample analysis was carried by gas chromatography. Gas chromatography with flame ionization detector has been widely applied for trace and ultra-trace analysis of organic chemicals in various environmental samples.An analytical method for determination of typical volatile cyclic siloxane in environmental water by solid-phase extraction(SPE) combined with gas-chromatography (GC) was developed. The extracts octamethylcy-clotetrasiloxane (D4) and decamethylcy-clopentasiloxane (D5) were porified and enriched by acetate fiber filters and Sep-pak C18solid extraction cartridges.D4and D5were eluted by tetrahydrofuran,which was analyzed by GC-MS.This method used in this paper has good linear relations in examine range. Its detection limits range from15ng/L. The relatively standard deviation of repeating measurement3times is smaller than10.48%and the recovery rate range from80.35%to122.15%. The analytical method of SPE-GC is used to determine the trace organic pollution of the sample and the result indicates that this kind of detection method is a convenient and accurate analytical method, which can offer a scientific basis for water quality control in the rivers.The rivers and water storage reservoir of Dalian has been chosen to be tested the concentration of environmental volatile cyclic siloxane.The results followed as:the Malan River has the highest D4, which concentration reached0.1269¦Ìg/L. Moreover, Malan River and Linshui River have been polluted by D5, the concentrations of which were0.0546¦Ìg/L and0.0308¦Ìg/L,respectively, were higher than the influent and effluent of the water plant.
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