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The Study on the Technology of Source Estimation Based on Environmental Monitoring Data

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Tutor: YaoRenTai
School: Taiyuan University of Technology
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: unknown releasing event,environmental monitor data,data assimilation,source rebu
CLC: X830.3
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2012
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To deal with the unknown releasing event of dangerous gases effectively, on the basis of the full research, with good robustness, the genetic optimization (GA) techniques combined with Monte-Calo particle dispersion model, particle reverse trajectory models and other technical means are used to built the source rebuld model-Inverse, which is developed to estimate the source parameters based on environmental monitoring data and meteorological information, depending on the meso/small-scale field experiment data.According to numerical experiments under different assumptions and the real conditions, the feasibility of source rebuild scheme, the effectiveness of the model result and the running aging of model are analyzed. At the same time, numerical testes are carned out to analyse the effect of difference deployment of sampling points by the simulation results, by which the application conditions of the Inverse analyzed preliminarily. And the basic principle of the sampling points deployment in sensitive areas in this stage. Finally, the systematic numerical scheme is put forward to improve of Inverse model in next stage, which would establish the application foundation in different emergency situation. Summed up the above research, analysis is:1. Scheme of rebuilding source parameters in Inverse modelwhich are choosing genetic algorithms as its main optimization means, combined with diffusion/trajectory simulation techniques and appropriate evaluation factor, is reasonable and feasible.2. Program calls way is flexible in Inverse model, which makes the function of model enlarged easily. The design of key links is helpful to the practical application of model.3. The results of model are effective, and the built small and medium-scale regional source parameter rebuild model has the estimating ability based on the data of environmental monitoring and the unknown source basic parameters.
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