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The Identify and the Migration of Nitrogen on Isotopic Analysis Method

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Tutor: WuJunSen
School: Shandong Institute of Architecture
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: nitrogen isotope,preparation method,the reservoir of Yellow River,the regular of
CLC: X832
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The pretreatment method which was adapted the stable isotope of nitrate nitrogen in the reservoir of Queshan was studied in this paper. The method was that the nitrate was enriched with anion exchange method, Kjeldahl distillation method was used to the nitrate reduction to ammonia,the best experimental conditions was deterimined in the study and combined with the actual situation in the reservoir of Queshan, the abundance values of nitrate nitrogen isotope in the canal of Yellow River and the reservoir of Queshan was monitored, the source of nitrate nitrogen in the area was judged according to the abundance value.The results showed that the best experimental conditions of anion exchange method:OH anion exchange resin (anion exchanger (Ion exchanger III, Merck)) was selected,the resin which was very stable in the effect of adsorption and elution,and no isotopic fractionation, so it was used to concentrate the carrier of nitrate nitrogen. For the reservoir water, the exchange column packing of the resin height was3cm; the flow rate through column was controlled in800-900mL/min in the adsorption process,2mol/L40mL of KCl solution was used as the eluent, the elution rate was controlled in15mL/h, elution rate could be reached more than95%.Because of more impurities in raw water, before the anion exchange resin, the water samples were treated with the Al2O3columns, the results indicated that the adsorption and elution of the treated water samples were both better. Therefore, this method could be applied to nitrate nitrogen enrichment in most of the Yellow River Reservoir.The results showed that the optimum experimental conditions of the Kjeldahl distillation method:the optimum amount of alloy¡¯s was0.7g, distilled time was50min, the amount of zeolite was75mg, and the best environment of the adsorption was15mL0.003mol/L of HCl. 3A zeolite and modified zeolite for the adsorption capacity of ammonia and the best adsorption conditions was also studied in the experiments, the experiment result showed that the adsorption rate of75mg modified zeolite can be reached more than95%, and no isotope fractionation.Combining with the actual situation near the reservoir of Queshan, the sources of nitrate nitrogen and migration regularity in the reservoir of Queshan were studied. The nitrate nitrogen of the water through by desilting in the Article Drainage, and the sedimentation in the reservoir, the content of nitrate nitrogen decreased, after filtration and disinfection process of the water treatment plant, it can be reached the required standards for drinking water; and analysed that the source of nitrate nitrogen in Queshan reservoir water, the result of the experiment showed that the nitrate nitrogen of the reservoir water came mainly from sewage and fertilizer source. There also may be the role of organic nitrogen in soil mineralization, the problem needed further study. The paper was proposed the control measures for controlling the source of nitrate nitrogen in the reservoir of Queshan, and summarized the shortcomings in the research and development direction.
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