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Study on the Formaldehyde Testing Sampling Point of Indoor Air

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Tutor: WangZhengPing
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: formaldehyde,detection,influencing factor,temperature,humidity,management
CLC: X831
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Indoor environment pollution has already caused the people¡¯s attention and especially the indoor formaldehyde pollution has seriously affected the life and health of people. How to more effectively control and curb indoor formaldehyde pollution has become an important social topic.The research method of this research:Indoor formaldehyde testing survey analysis----Indoor formaldehyde release law----Indoor formaldehyde treatment technology.In this paper, after analyzing the testing results of sampling7times including28Point location, there are19Point locations to exceed bid, which is68%. Formaldehyde concentration range is0.45mg/m3¡«0.211g/m3, averages of0.125mg/m3. The results confirms When environment humidity below50%, formaldehyde release a quantity is parabolic, first small drop and When environment humidity exceed50%, concentration of formaldehyde range increased higher, formaldehyde to release a quantity to increase significantly.Through the study of chroma of formaldehyde uneven distribution, the paper found the proof of fixed formaldehyde concentration distribution uniformity and the slow influence of each other. Research shows that even under the high intensity of formaldehyde pollution, the growth of concentration is still very slowing indoor. So in different period sampling points can choose the most serious position in pollution, for example, in the evening and morning without sunshine sampling point was near the door, and at the sunshine point-blank time sample point was near the pollution sources.This paper argues that in detecting formaldehyde concentration of stationary pollution source, a comprehensive consideration of the sample temperature, humidity, the weather condition, and other factors of sampling should be taken. The tester should choose the serious time of the pollution, and have the obligation to inform the consumer the fact of Formaldehyde Emission.Conclusions and suggestions were made for preventive measures of the indoor air pollution:the government must strengthen its administration; building materials should be choosed properly; develop green building materials; formaldehyde removing technologies; using the physical adsorption filtering; chemical method; botanical filters; formaldehyde scavenger;air anion technology; take the detection and management of indoor environmental pollution early; chooses an appropriate decoration and occupancy time.
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