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Image Encryption in Hybrid Domains Based on Improved Baker Transform and Generalized Xor

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Tutor: LiuShuTian
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: encryption,chaotic,Arnold transform,Logistic map,Radon transform
CLC: TP309.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Over the past three decades with the increasing popularity of computers, network play an increasingly important role in our daily life live, in our work and in our study, which promotes the rapid development of the image encryption. The research of image encryption aims to protect the image information from being stolen by the unauthorized. T The basic operation of digital image encryption algorithm is scrambling and substitution. Scrambling is that the elements of plaintext are rearranged, in other words, which is a kind of operation exchanging the position of pixel without changing the value of the pixel. Substitution is to map an element or multiple elements in the plaintext to one element in ciphertext, which would change the configuration of pixel value.Baker transform is an image scrambling method with the characteristics of chaotic dynamic. It enable adjacent pixels to separate from each other in exponentially way after being scrambled by Baker transform repeatedly. Improvements have been made on Baker transform and an improved Baker transform is proposed, which not only retains all the excellent property of image scrambling of the traditional Baker transform, but also overcome the weak point of traditional Baker transform that the original image can¡¯t be divided arbitrarily and the width and height of the original image are constrained. In this paper, the improved Baker transform is simulated. Improved Baker transform is more efficient to image scrambling and has bigger key space and a greater computational speed compared with improved Arnold transform.Image scrambling algorithm based on the waveform-sequencing of chaotic sequence is a new algorithm of image scrambling. In this paper, a chaotic sequence is generated iteratively by using chaotic function. The algorithm to be proposed is proved to have high security and be slightly inferior in the efficiency of image encryption and have a rapid computational speed while comparing with Image scrambling algorithm based on the value of chaotic sequence corresponding with the integer and image scrambling algorithm based on the sort of chaotic sequence values in order from lowest value to highest value.Improvements have been made on XOR and an generalized XOR is proposed. It not only maintains the excellent property of traditional XOR, of easy operation and changing the data efficiently, but also expands its applicable scope from integer range to double precision range. Image encryption algorithm based on generalized XOR is a method of image substitution. An image encryption algorithm in hybrid domains is proposed by combining generalized XOR and improved Baker transform, and is proved to have a have high security and a greater computational speed.
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