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Study on inverse synthetic aperture radar simulation system based on GPU

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Tutor: XieXiaoChun
School: Gannan Teachers' College
Course: Optics
Keywords: Radar Imaging,GPU,ISAR,Simulation System
CLC: TN957.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Because of its powerful computing capabilities and large memory bandwidth, graphicsprocessing unit (GPU) is widely used in the computer and image fields. Inverse synthetic apertureradar (ISAR) is a technique to generate a two-dimensional high resolution image of a movingtarget, and has been widely applied in military and civil fields. On the other hand, ISARsimulation system has also become a necessary method and tool in system design, algorithmresearch and performance evaluation. Nowadays, most of ISAR simulation system aretime-consuming£¬low efficiency of implement, and high cost of simulation. ISAR simulationsystem based on the high-performance computing power of GPU can effectively improve thefacing difficulties of the system. Currently, papers of research in the field are very rare at homeand overseas. Therefore, the study of ISAR simulation system based on GPU is important andmeaningful.The article do some deep research about the application of ISAR simulation system designedbased on GPU. Implement the algorithm based on GPU including ISAR raw echo signal, rangecompression, envelope alignment, phase compensation, and azimuth compression. Designing thecode based on Matlab and Jacket can improve the efficiency of developing the simulation system.With the floating-point computing power and high-parallel execution of GPU, the system greatlyimproves the real-time performance, effectively reduces the cost of the simulation.Main contents of the paper are as follows:(1) Discussing the development of CUDA, the architecture of GPU supporting CUDAtechnology, the basic concepts in CUDA programming and Matlab Jacket.(2) Establishing ISAR raw point target echo model under high frequency condition. Throughturntable model, it explains the ISAR imaging theory and the Range-Doppler algorithm £¨RDA£©.(3) Implementing the algorithm of ISAR simulation system, how to generate ISAR raw echosignal, range compression, envelope alignment, phase compensation, and azimuth compression.Expound the part of the algorithm on the GPU implementation and optimization.(4) The SAR simulation system is implemented on GPU and CPU platforms respectively.Through imaging the target model, it achieves the functional verification and performance analysis of ISAR simulation system. Comparing GPU and CPU platforms, the results of simulation showthat the SAR simulation system based on CUDA is effective and real-time likely.
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