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The Researcher of1064nm Laser Continuously Pumped MgO:PPLN Optical Parametric Oscillator

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Tutor: JinGuangYong
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: ICSRO,PPMgLN,mid-infrared continues-wave tunable
CLC: TN753.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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High-efficiency, high-power3-5¦Âm continuously tunable mid-infrared laser has a wide range of applications in medical treatment airpolution, based on quasi-phase-matched optical parametric oscillator is important means to get the CW3-5¦Ìm mid-infrared laserThe main contents of this paper is to use the LD pumped Nd: YVO41064nm laser as the pump source, use the pump cavity structure, doped5mol%concentration of MgO, the nonlinear crystal is PPMgLN crystals, Achieve continuous3-5¦Ìm mid-infrared laser; the main work:(1) The theoretical analysis of the periodic tuning, temperature tuning, angle tuning technology to simulate the tuning curve periodically poled lithium niobate crystal. V cavity for a period of more than29¦Ìm periodically poled crystal temperature the temperature of crystal control at140¡æ.(2) On the analysis of the dynamics model of multi-mode pumped ICSRO.Under the threshold conditions,calculation the OPO cavity Results,research the relationship between the threshold laser cavity and optical parametric oscillator cavity threshold to achieved the3-5¦Ìm mid-infrared.(3) Combination of laser resonator cavity theory and signal light propagation theory, design the cavity resonator mirrors films system. Designed V cavity structure by ABCD matrix theory and Gaussian beam q parameter theory Calculated in different areas of the chamber cavity length steady signal light and pump light pattern matching effects. Determine the resonant cavity L-150mm in meeting the signal light and pumping light pattern matching conditions and lower resonator stability conditions. OPO cavity length total length of180mm, taking into account the size of the furnace temperature OPO resonator arm length is L1=105mm, folding arm L2=75mm.(4) Experimental studies were carried out and direct V-cavity OPO cavity temperature, when the temperature at125¡æ, the period of30m, LD pump power is26.64W, straight-frequency cavity OPO experimentally obtained idler output power is713mW, twavelength of3.489¦Ìm, idler from LD to the optical conversion efficiency of2.67%. V cavity OPO experiment temperature125¡æ, the period of30¦Ìm, LD pump power output is26.64W power of850mW, the output wavelength of3.495¦Ìm, idler conversion efficiency of3.19%finally the experimental results were analyzed
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