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Opetical Properlies of PDLC under the Action of Near-Infrared and Ultraviolet Laser

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Tutor: TaoWeiDong
School: Ningbo University
Course: Optics
Keywords: near-infrared laser,powder SHG,polymer dispersed liquid crystal
CLC: TN249
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The development of laser technology provides a powerful means for the study of crystalmaterials and PDLC. Nonlinear optical crystal materials become the focus of attention by thematerials sector, because of their high nonlinear optical coefficient, short photoelectric responsetime, wide bandwidth, low switching energy, small dielectric constant, etc. PDLC, as a new LCDmodel, is high contrast, and it does not need a require polarizer, simply made, also it has a widelyapplications.This article in support of laser technology, made a study about crystal powder SHG testdevice and the influence of different wavelength of the UV to PDLC and photoelectric features ofcured PDLC.First, based on the Kurtz theory, the longitudinal position effect of powder second-harmonicgeneration (SHG) is studied. The direction of the incident light wave is fixed, and the longitudinaldistance of the probe relative to the sample can be changed. In this experiment, we select both theKIO3powder and the urea powder as the test materials. The experimental results and data fittingshowed that the device designed in this article is an effective and the longitudinal distanceadjustable test measurement for powder SHG, but also it can resolve the signal overflow bychanging longitudinal position of the probe.The late period, we use a method of light-induced polymerization to produce PDLC, andchoose different wavelength of the UV curing the PDLC. The curing process is recorded byanimation Mode, and we analysis the change of the polymer matrix and liquid crystal in the curingprocess. Then switching characteristics of the cured PDLC is tested. We observe the diffractionphenomenon of the PDLC after the irradiation of different wavelengths.This text focuses on the nonlinear optical crystal powder SHG test, as well as PDLCswitching efficiency, it is useful for the actual detection of the nonlinear material and thedevelopment of the PDLC technology.
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