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Wavelength Response Research of Negative Refractive Index for Single and Multi-layer Fishnet Metamat

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Tutor: SunFangKui
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: negative index of refraction,fishnet structure,grating equation
CLC: O439
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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At present, due to the special nature of the metal material, a negative refractiveindex metamaterials always unable to overcome a series of metal loss, the frequencydispersion. Metamaterials with negative refraction in the optical band, the mainstructure of the fishnet structure, this structure responses more sensitive to light ofnormal incidence and diffraction energy is mainly concentrated in the reflection onthe main stage, good to meet the equivalent medium conditions of the theory, andthe same time, the structure is simple, relatively easy to obtain the negativerefractive index. But the structure consists of two layers metal materials, remaininga metal light absorption loss. Present, there are two solutions to metal optical loss,first, through the fluorescent material to the compensation of energy betw een themetal and the pump process, the fluorescence luminescence in order to compensatefor the loss of metal light. Another is a fishnet through the multi-layered structureappropriate superposition of metamaterial structures negative refraction effect i sgood.This paper mainly studies from single layer to multi-layer structure variation ofthe electromagnetic parameters of fishnet, to explore how the structure of thesingle-band negative index of refraction into the structure of the dual-band negativeindex of refraction, the other by a simplified structural model of the single-layerfishnet deduced fishnet structure of the dielectric constant of the equivalent cut-offwavelength formula, based on this single-band negative index of refraction structureimprovement became a dual-band negative index of refraction material. Finally, thispaper attempts to use the grating equation combined with the coupling of theinternal SPP dispersion relation to calculate the response of the structure ofsingle-layer fishnet wavelength wavelength, obtained after the calculation of theresponse wavelength and simulated values are consistent, also another proof of thefishnet structure the coupling between the characteristics of negative refractiveindex and internal SPP.
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