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Research on the Property of Lithography Imaging of Metal Film Superlens

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Tutor: ZhaoHaiFa
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: superlens,Plasmonic nanolithography,super-resolution
CLC: O439
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Recently, attempts have been made to overcome the diffraction limit which isrealized by superlens. Superlens have great potential in applications such asbiomedical imaging, optical lithography and data storage.In this letter, we pay more attention on plasmonic nanolithography, which is away of near-field lithography on the basis of Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs)theory. Plasmonic nanolithography has been proposed for the purpose of furtherimproving the resolution of near-field lithography. Superlens in the near field is ourdominating research target and contents. By theory and simulations, we attempt toimprove the resolution of optical lithography. The main works and conclusions asfollow:1. The software COMSOL is used to verify the proposed theory. Detailssimulations aimed at finding optimum conditions of PRL superlens. Parametersexplored include resist thickness, PRL thickness, polarization, and incidencewavelength. Due to the reflection effect on PRL, the intensity contrast of imagingpattern are remarkably increased to0.953.2. A double-deck and stagger superlens is designed, which is added on the PRLsuperlens system. In contrast to the conventional superlens lithography system andPRL superlens system, this approach offers a stronger transmissivity. By COMSOL,we have explored optimum parameters which include the cell thickness insidedouble-deck superlens, multiple unit cells in the propagation direction, resistthickness, PRL thickness and the applicability for different grating period. Finally,the resolution is improved to22nm with contrast higher than0.9.
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