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Study on Temperature Field of CW-Laser Irradiation Aluminum

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Tutor: ZhangXiHe
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: CW-Laser,aluminum,temperature distribution,finite element method,phase transitio
CLC: TN249
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The research on the temperature that when continuous laser irradiates the alumi-num is one of the important research content. This passage aims at the problem about temperature, melting, gasification that when continuous laser which signs the Gauss-ian distribution irradiates the metal aluminum plate. We consider the material parame-ters in thermal and physical properties changed with the temperature. Based on the heat conduction theory, we establishes the rotational symmetry model of when laser irradiates aluminum for calculating temperature.We use sensible heat capacity method to deal with problem of the phase changing and use the method of finite element to simulate the temperature in time and space distribution that changed before and after the phase changing,then survey the affect of the temperature when changing then material absorption, radius of laser spot and the power of incidental laser before and after melting.In this passage,we get the affect on gasification when changing interval of different number in the field where gasification phase is changed.The simulation results show that:1. When laser irradiates aluminum, the speed of temperature of material will change in inversely proportional to distance of the length between zero and working point. Temperature is close to the actual situation when using composite absorption rate.2.We treat that the sign appeared melting and evaporation in material,through the method of sensible heat capacity.After simulations,we found the changing of temperature near the phase transition:Due to phase changing latent heat,when the temperature of center will get phase transition temperature point, the speed of temperature moves slow. After a short time, it will go on when the energy is heated to the temperature which get the phase changed.The results of this research provides the theory reference for the laser heating of metal materials. The radius of spot is inversely proportional to temperature. The power of incident laser is proportional to temperature.
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