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Research on Long Pulse Laser Induced Composite Support Detonation Waves

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Tutor: LiChangLi
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: laser supported detonation wave,ignition thresholdImpulse,Impulse coupling coeff
CLC: TN249
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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Because of laser propulsion can separate source and flying object, avoiding the weight of fuel consuming propulsive energy, it can achieve higher speicific impulse than traditional chemical propulsion. Laser propulsion technique has a wild application prospect in the field of astronautics. Because the energy trasformation of laser propulsion is achieved by laser-supported detonation wave, the study of laser-supported detonation wave is necessary.This study will use long pulse laser irradiating composite targets, and acoustic detection method to study the influence of different types of laser energy have on composites, provide the changing relationships between strength of acoustic signals and laser energy and power density, and decide the range of "ignition threshold" that laser energy induces composites to support detonation wave.This study will measure the impulse problem that caused by long pulse laser irradiating target by combining pendulum method and optical velocimetry. From this method, this study will be able to get the relationship between impulse and impulse coupling coefficient that produced by laser inducing composites supporting detonation wave and energy of incident laser and power density, and make sure the relationship between propagation velocity of detonation wave and incident laser energy through impulse calculation.
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