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Matlab-based Digital Microscopy Holographic Image Emersion

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Tutor: LiuChengSen
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Optics
Keywords: Digital holography,Digital holographic microcopy,Digital reconstruction,computer
CLC: O438.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In recent years, along with the computer operation speed and capacity of the increase and high resolution photoelectric imaging devices to appear, digital holographic microscopy techniques is testing microscopic sample micro structure of the important means. We can use the CCD instead of traditional holographic material recorded hologram, digital processing and display with computer technology replaced optical diffraction to complete object of recording and reconstructing, so that they can make the hologram of the record, storage and repeatability of the digital process. Digital holographic technology is a new type of holographic imaging technology, art and the traditional microcopy compared to recording and playback of the3d object information, has less effect of the sample, high resolution, simple equipment, etc. Because of this digital holographic technology has been widely used in biological cells observation, microscopic particles imaging and tracking, polymer particle growth detection, micro circuits detection, and other fields.This article from the theory and computer simulation of machine two angles digital holographic microscopy techniques to do some simple research, mainly do the work are as follows:first to digital holographic technology a general overview, introduces the development and application at home and abroad, and again from the Angle of history introduced since the optical microscope, microscopic technology experience and the different stages of the digital holographic technology in the application of scientific field. Again from optical holographic technical aspect, respectively in the digital holographic recording and playback the basic principle of process, and discuss the digital holographic several reproduce algorithm. And the Fourier transform of the theory is introduced, it introduces the Fresnel approximate algorithm, digital subtraction of several in image processing. With matlab simulation software after objects, and join the reference after light will get the object the hologram. And in image processing of, using a digital filtering method to eliminate the spectrum representation of the diffraction and zero level as twin like.
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