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Study on Improving Limit Dextrinase Activity in the Saccharifying Course

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Tutor: GuanBin
School: Ocean University of China
Course: Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Engineering
Keywords: Saccharification,Limit dextrinase,The limit dextrin enzyme inhibitor,Separation
CLC: TS262.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Visits from the Tsingtao Brewery Company of barley malt amylase activity and glycation products of different varieties of malt starch enzymes found glycation products are different. In order to study the impact of the starch enzymes in the glycosylated product, first examine the alpha-amylase, beta-amylase enzymatic hydrolysis of starch, and the two amylase in the process of degradation of starch, found that alpha-amylase The proportion of beta-amylase of change within the appropriate range for the starch hydrolysis process can play the role of complement each other. Investigated further alpha-amylase, beta-amylase, the the limit dextrin enzyme starch enzymes for starch degradation was found for a certain proportion of alpha-amylase, beta-amylase composition, add the maximum Dextrinase can significantly increase the fermentable sugar generation. Research barley proteases, protease added metal ions in the secretion of thiol protease during germination, and the germination process, thiol protease secretion of. At the same time, limit dextrin on barley germination and the malt kilning process of enzyme secretion of research, combined with the free state limit dextrinase released in conjunction with the state two assumptions limit dextrin Enzymatic Properties vitro state . Found during germination protease longer period; thiol protease generation and change. 70% of the limit dextrin enzymes in the germination 4-6 days in order to bound limit dextrinase to main; the late free state limit dextrinase increase, the germination to 9 day, the free state limit dextrinase total limit dextrinase of much. 5 days germination green malt roasted coke obtained after the treatment finished malt and 5 days to germinate green malt, free state in total limit dextrinase of the percentage decreased from 32.8% in 5 days germination green malt to the baking coke malt, 20.9%; bound in total limit dextrinase, proportion of green malt from germination to 5 days 67.2% to 78.9% of the baking coke malt. The free limit dextrinase heat resistance than combined the state limit dextrinase. The free state limit dextrin extraction the maximum Dextrinase when in buffer plus reducing agent is L-CYS cause increased activity is L-Cys activated thiol protease in the malt, thiol protease protein modification will bound the maximum dextrin, enzyme release, caused the free state maximum Dextrinase increased to prove that the use of thiol protease regulation to improve the enzymatic activity of the possibility of limit dextrin. In order to obtain high-purity, high-the maximum Dextrinase than Activity inhibitor products, malt flour as raw materials, the separation and purification of the extracts with sodium acetate buffer. Limit dextrin, the decrease of the enzyme activity measured after the CM fiber ion-exchange column chromatography and gel filtration chromatography for separation and purification for the limit dextrin enzyme inhibitor, the maximum Dextrinase with maximum Dextrinase by inhibitor effect The quantity which means that the the limit dextrin enzyme inhibitor vitality. The final purification factor and activity recovery were 6.97 and 57.9%, respectively.
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