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Effect of Xue Sai Tong Injection(ѪͨעҺ)on in Rats with Lowerlimb Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

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Tutor: YangGaoChao
School: Shanxi Medical
Course: General Surgery
Keywords: Nitric oxide,Nitric oxide synthase,Xuesaitong Injection,Ischemia-reperfusion inj
CLC: R285.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Objective: To investigate Xuesaitong injection limb ischemia-reperfusion injury in nitric oxide (NO) and nitric oxide synthase (NOS), and lower extremity skeletal changes under transmission electron microscopy after ischemia and reperfusion. Methods: 48 healthy Wistar rats were randomly divided into control and experimental groups, each group was randomly divided into a group and ischemia of ischemia and 1 hour 2 hours group, n = 12 rats, each rat were taken ventral midline incision laparotomy artery folder abdominal aortic occlusion establish lower limbs ischemia-reperfusion injury model. Before the establishment of the model, the experimental rats by intraperitoneal injection of blood Xuesaitong injection 1ml, the control group was injected with saline. 1 hour before ischemia, ischemic or ischemic two hours, two hours after reperfusion, reperfusion after 4 hours each blood collection, separation of serum, respectively with nitrate reductase method and spectrophotometric determination of the serum of NO, NOS content as well as the transmission electron microscope observation of skeletal muscle, ultrastructural changes of the vascular wall cells. Results: serum NO content in ischemia (130.86 24.03), one hour or two hours (139.56 29.83) than before ischemia (103.96 31.68,103.56 30.38) was significantly higher (P lt; 0.05), and then after reperfusion were significantly reduced (P lt; 0.05) reperfusion 2h (74.83 15.26,84.23 18.51) and 4h (68.85 20.16,74.36 26.31), the serum concentration of NO in the group and group differences were There was no significant (P gt; 0.05). NOS activity in ischemia and 1 hour (11.25 5.01) or 2 hours (13.95 5.97) than before ischemia (18.11 3.52,18.16 3.36) significantly lower (P lt; 0.01), after reperfusion missing after blood were significantly higher (P lt; 0.05 or P lt; 0.01), and the experimental group was significantly higher than that in the control group (P lt; 0.01 and P lt; 0.05). Lower limb skeletal muscle ischemia-hour experimental group after 2 h of reperfusion changes in the electron microscope for the small amount of myofilaments slightly fuzzy, mitochondrial swelling, stromal hyperplasia ultrastructure compared with ischemia reperfusion 2 hours 1 hour control group improved significantly. Lower limb skeletal muscle ischemia control group after 2 h of reperfusion electricity under microscopy partial fracture myofilament reduce mitochondrial markedly swollen mitochondria the sarcoplasmic increased. Sarcomere clearly ischemia experimental group 2 hours, after 2 h of reperfusion, the mitochondria become swollen, spinal fracture. Ischemia reperfusion control group after four hours of lower extremity vascular wall endothelial nuclear pyknosis, chromatin condensation, cytoplasm can see a lot of vesicle wall large areas of necrosis, plug the lumen, the change is irreversible. Ischemia and 2-hour experimental group, reperfusion after 4 hours endothelial cell nucleus chromatin margination, visible red blood cells and granulocytes, on both sides of the base film thickness varies within the lumen. Conclusion: the degree of bodily injury of rat abdominal aorta after blocking one hour light, recoverability, blocking more than one hour after a variety of indicators changed much skeletal muscle cell injury severity, may affect limb function, but menstrual blood plug Tong Injection treatment, to a certain extent, inhibit limb ischemia reperfusion injury, NO in excessive production, improve NOS activity, mitigate tissue injury, has some protective effect on ischemia-reperfusion injury.
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