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The Optical Design of Dynamic Laser Radar Target Tracking System

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Tutor: LiLiJuan
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Optical Engineering
Keywords: Radar,MATLAB,Adaptive optics,Optical design,Atmosphericturbulence
CLC: TN958.98
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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Laser radar is a laser radiation source and as a carrier frequency, with a wave length, high beam quality, the advantages of a strong directivity, the frequency of the microwave radar higher than3-5orders of magnitude. Because the laser has a good direction, monochromatic and coherent, so compared with microwave radar laser radar with high angular resolution capabilities,distance and velocity resolution, and laser radar interference ability, small size, light, as an imaging radar it can get a variety of multi-target image. In addition, the laser radar with high resolution, anti-interference ability and other characteristics can be three-dimensional imaging laser radar with high resolution, anti-interference ability, can be three-dimensional imaging and other characteristics of the civilian and military technical equipment has been widely application,And its high-tech industries, modern agriculture, social development will also have an important and far-reaching impact.In this thesis, an electronic compass on laser radar, laser range finder, binoculars and observation turret and other important components of the selection and Introduction. Application of MATLAB for different laser wavelengths, zenith angle, the initial beam diameter and the size of the aperture optical systems subjected to atmospheric attenuation due to atmospheric turbulence and atmospheric effects caused by the beam expander, beam intensity flashing cheap and mathematical modeling, And theoretical analysis derived way of compensation. Of the adaptive part of the optical system, And the type of wavefront sensor and wavefront curvature algorithm controller main principle wavefront, wavefront corrector composition and the calibration mode. Papers last major telescope on lidar receiving system to study.In line with the premise to meet the system requirements, simple structure, low cost principle.Design a Cassegrain reflecting telescope is an optical receiver system.
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