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Research of3D Laser Radar for Vehicle Initiative Safety

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Tutor: XuXiPing
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Optical Engineering
Keywords: laser radar,FPGA,sound alarm,CAN bus
CLC: TN958.98
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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In recent years, with more and more per capita car ownership, traffic accidents occur frequently. This article deplaned on the actual needs designed a laser radar systems that be applied in the automotive active safety. With the development of electronic technology, the laser radar will be used more extensively in the future.This paper is mian to design the car laser radar systems, including laser transmission circuit, galvanometer scanning system, a receiving circuit, a data processing part, a sound alarm system and a CAN bus interface circuit. The transmitter circuit includes a10MHz pulse signal given by FPGA and the laser driver circuit; galvanometer scanning system is controlled by the FPGA which is control the galvanometer from top to bottom in order to "z"shaped manner progressive scan; receiver circuit includes high voltage generation circuit, the main amplifier circuits,narrowband filter circuit, self-gain amplifier, differential frequency circuit, low-pass filter circuit, binarization circuit; data processing section includes digital phase detection circuit and NiosII soft-core design part, in this, NiosII soft core complete with a pulse count, data processing and the function of display on the display distance; audible alarm system is use the transistor drive buzzer, with the different distance, the sound frequencies is different, so it can achieve to the purpose of reminding the driver; The function of CAN bus is sent the measured distance information to the car, and then give intelligent control to achieve the purpose of active defense.
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