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Study on New Methods of Continuous Wave Laser Radar Ranging

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Tutor: YuanQiPing
School: Tianjin University of Technology
Course: Optical Engineering
Keywords: Phase,Laser ranging,Single Modulation of Continuous Wave,MultipleFrequency of Co
CLC: TN958.98
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the continuous development of modern electronic technology of digital signal processing and integrated circuits, all sections of society proposed increasing demands on the range of measurement techniques, precision, speed. reliability. In the1960s, the emergence of laser laid a solid foundation for laser ranging technology. As ideal light source for general ranging system, laser has the advantages that are not available in other natural light. Laser ranging technology has excellent performance. Currently, laser range finders are developing towards the direction of miniaturization, digitization, convenient, user-friendly, high-precision, which proposed new requirements to the improvement of phase method measured.The paper chose the semiconductor laser that working material is semiconductor as the source of light. Because the laser will attenuate in the process of dissemination. The received laser signal is relatively weak, so it is very important to design an optical system that can receive energy as much as possible. To solve the above problems, the paper chose a optical system similar with the telescope system.The main contents of this paper are as follows:The first part made analysis of the laser radar type and working principle, compared the advantages and disadvantages between laser radar and microwave radar. By introducing the principle of laser technology and discussing the current development status domestic and abroad to explore the future direction of the laser ranging technology development.The second part introduced several laser ranging technologies which are used commonly. The basic principles of the phase laser ranging technology was analyzed. Focused on the analysis of phase laser ranging technology. Finally, compared the advantages and disadvantages of various ranging technologies.The third part introduced several methods of representative in the field of phase-measurement that is widely used. Such as the dynamic digital mapping phase method, digital correlation method, vector product method, FFT algorithm, synchronous demodulation method phase measurement techniques.The forth part made summary of the development status. Traditional phase-shift laser ranging technology has the problem of the phase discrimination accuracy is not high, anti-jamming capability is not strong. So the paper put forward two new methods of the continuous wave laser radar ranging technique and multiple frequency laser ranging technique and verify feasibility of the two ranging methods in a technical way. Programming in VC6.0, simulation, given the experimental data, integrated data in Origin Pro8and analysis of the data.The fifth part designed single modulated continuous wave laser ranging system and made comparative analysis of several key issues related to the performance of the system. Finally, based on the realization of system functions. The paper made theoretical analysis on how the phase error and the error wavelength will effect measurement accuracy of the system which laid the theoretical foundation for error analysis of the entire system.
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