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Development of Exploration Production and Management System in Xinjiang Oilfield

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Tutor: LiJianHua
School: Yangtze University
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: exploration production and management,Oracle database,budgetmanagement,database
CLC: F273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the deepening of global economic integration process, the construction of information technology to penetrate every aspect of the oil industry, oil field oil development, conservation efficiency provided a strong guarantee, and the construction of information technology is profoundly changing the model of development of the oil industry and the competitive landscape. Since oil is a non-renewable resources, all countries will face oil shortages through information technology to transform traditional industries, production processes, increasing production and efficiency of the oil industry has an important meaning. The petroleum industry, informatization construction has become a key factor of the core competitiveness of enterprises; the level of information will directly affect the survival and development of enterprises in the international and domestic markets.The oil industry information construction in China to carry out earlier, after years of exploration, the industry as a whole the level of information technology continue to improve, especially in recent years, the construction of information technology to further accelerate. The oil industry in oil and gas exploration and development, production and management of various business sectors and areas of extensive use of various information systems in their respective business areas have basic self, cooperation or harmonization of building information systems. Play a very important role in these systems in their respective areas of business to transform the traditional mode, speed up structural adjustment, but also narrowed the gap with international oil companies the level of information.The end of2006, the requirements of the oil companies the full implementation of the online approval of contracts management and implements a contract management system. The system is mainly related to the contents of the contract amount, time, construction units and bidding, contract reporting and approval of management functions. Contract implementation cannot be achieved due to the small data amount of information involved, track management, statistical analysis and data query functions, and exploration company responsible for oilfield exploration project implementation, exploration and investment management, billing and cost control, work their day-to-day management involves large amounts of data and reports, the system cannot meet the needs of the actual business of the exploration company production management, and therefore need to establish a full-featured information management system. Xinjiang Oilfield Exploration Company network of integrated business information management and integration of information resources of many manufacturing operations subsystem needs to put forward a model of WEB-based information management system framework, and on this basis to build an exploration and production business information management platform. The system is based exploration company data center, as the goal of the entire process of production and operation of information management; establish a structured, modular, integrated business platform. From project preparation to the complete summary of the whole process of a full range of production management and network transmission of information, improve efficiency and to enhance the level of exploration information management.The system design process management, links, and improves overall business agility; speed up the response speed of the business, exploration and production and management control. The entire system including the investment plan management, task assignment, project budget, planning approval table review, bid management, project budget, contract management, real-time monitoring of production costs, the settlement of the contract, the performance management of individual projects, working Report Manager11business processes. System design user management, user log, commission agents, management of business functions, process module management, message management, rights management, quota management, drilling budget, Geophysical budget, qualified for the list, performance evaluation, investment planning, drilling engineering tasks issued, issued a geophysical engineering tasks, estimates of drilling engineering, geophysical engineering estimates and other estimates, the move proposed standard document, the tender results, the results of the proposed standard, contract management, billing management, exploration and supporting the settlement, a single well accounted for, drilling cost of the project monitoring, geophysical The cost of the project monitoring, oil testing project cost control, query management, reporting and management of33modules.The system uses the Browser/Server model, developed using WEB services, databases, three-tier system development structure of the client application. Development platform using.NET2005, database using Oracle Database10G, server-side using ¢òS Manager Server. The system uses object-oriented design methods, the use of modular design, advanced data analysis algorithms, the XMLHTTP and other advanced technology to achieve the advanced level of information management. This paper describes the framework and the ideas of exploration and production operation and management of business processes and system design, described the function of each of the exploration and production and management information systems in accordance with module specific implementation, the exploration and production of management information data source organization, processing and publishing, to do a fairly detailed, the information management system in the exploration and production business has a strong practicality and greater economic benefits. This paper describes the structure and function of the budget management subsystem. On budgeting, elaborate, and the instance of the logging project budget, budget management subsystem.This paper highlights the Oracle database system performance tuning and implementation process.To develop out of the four optimization of production and operation management system Oracle database, and each program line implementation and testing, according to the end of the test results of each program combine to form a complete set of Oracle database optimization, a very greatly improved the performance of the Oracle database.This article has summarized this system¡¯s final completion of work in what¡¯s mentioned above and has correspondingly demonstrated the research results obtained.There¡¯re still many aspects expecting improvement and further study later.
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