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Research and Application of Comprehensive Abnormal Evaluation Method in Cai Huagou Copper Deposit

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Tutor: ZhaoXinSheng
School: Xinjiang University
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: Geochemical exploration,X-ray fluorescence method,Primary halozoning sequence,El
CLC: P632
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In recent years, geochemical prospecting techniques and means has achieved rapid development, a rapid geochemical exploration analysis method¡ª¡°X-rayfluorescence method¡± has been recognized, applied and promoted. X-ray fluorescence method can achieve rapid analysis of samples within a certain accuracy,in a short period of time, it can achieve accurate analysis of thousands of sam-ples of a variety of elements. Compared with the traditional element analysismethod, it has the characteristics of low cost, convenience and efficiency andprovides a new method for the target rapid preferably evaluation.This paper chooses Xinjiang Toksun County color flower ditch copper mi-ne as study area, the found geophysical, geochemical anomaly in the area as t-he research object, uses X-ray fluorescence geochemical exploration methods t-o achieve fast preferably evaluation of the target. We make finer field quicklyand geochemical exploration of the four geochemical anomalies target delineation-nof the initial preparatory work and sampling analysis of the same vertical di-fferent middle ore in the main ore bodies. Using the Grigoryan zoning indexmethod and the barycenter method to make primary halo zoning sequence stud-y for flower color channel deposits, the resulting element zoning sequence is b-asically the same.From the upper to the lower: Hg-Zn-Cu-Ag-Cd-As-Pb-Ba-Bi-Co-Fe-Sn-Mo. Deposit primary halo vertical zoning is significant: the former ha-lo and near mineral elements(Hg-Zn-Cu-Ag-Cd-As-Pb-Ba), the rear halo eleme-nts(Bi,Co,Fe,Sn,Mo). On the basis of primary halo zoning principle, using the f-ront halo and the rear halo elements additive or multiplicative than,we try toestablishdenudation degree index for color flower mine and provide reference f-or mine deep orebody forecast and Ore-bearing ore body erosion depth.This paper focuses on the target area of geochemical exploration, on the b-asis of a large number of statistical data analysis of mutual relations between elements to determine indicator elements and may indicate¡¯s geology-Geochemis-try-ore-forming process, makes comparative study on similarities and difference-s in the target area for recourse cues with the middle sample elements, applie-s cluster analysis and factor to fully tap the inherent relationship between dataelements, distinguishs and explains the mineralization from the perspectiveof el-emental paragenesis combination. The preliminary determination is II target metallogenic prospect is smaller, III target area has good metallogenic prospects,V and IX target area have no metallogenic prospect.Because of the complexity of anomaly forming, the diversity of the influe-nce factors, although geochemical Exploration Prospecting is a direct prospectin-g methods, it needs to fit in with the geological, geophysical to establish com-prehensive information prospecting evaluation model and to improve the recog-nition rate, to reduce the false. With the acquisition geological, geochemical, g-eophysical data to realize the comprehensive analysis on the space under the A-crGIS platform, from different angles to make comprehensive evaluation of thecorrelation between the target and the economic value of ore deposits. The e-stablished comprehensive anomaly evaluation model has certain practical signify-cance to the color flower mine prospecting, and pointed out that target III-3abnormal area of the No. III mineralization has the best prospects, it should beused as the next focus.Using X-ray fluorescence analysis of Geochemical Exploration fast prospec-ting method is convenient, fast, efficient, and rapid analysis of more than3,00-0samples of33elements of the study area can be completed in a short perio-d of time, it can achieve Geochemical Exploration abnormally rapid delineation-n, and then assisted comprehensive analysis of geological, geophysical metho-ds to achieve fast and efficient target selection and evaluation; X-ray fluoresce-nce analysis method of geochemical prospecting is still inadequate, the detectio n-n limits of the front halo elements Ag and the tail halo elements Sn, Mo ar-e higher, it still needs improvement in technology and makes the deep orebodyprediction difficult in this area by using primary haloes erosion index.
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