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Logging Evaluation on Red Reservoir Beds of Western DongYing Sag

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Tutor: LiXinHu
School: Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: DongyingSag,The Red Bed,The Lower Member of ES4-KongdianGroups,4-Property Relati
CLC: P631.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The westen red beds of Dongying Sag has deep Burial,complexly lithology, different mineral composition of different lithology, poor physical properties, belonging low porosity and low permeability andultra-lowpermeability reservoirs. This article is collected geological data, well testing data of three studied area, using FMI, NMR Logging and traditional well logs to deal with this problem.Establishing an effective logging method and relatedmeans for Exploration Reservoir development and Evaluation Method of red bed reservoirs based on the study of4-property relationship.also have an study on reservoir damage during waterflooding in logging information, establishing flooded layer identification model form the role of logging parameter, and provide evidence for oilfield development plan and enhanced oil recovery.Chunhua oil filed and Boxing Sag ES4sand were divided into H1and H2sand sets,Kongdian group was divided into H3,H4and H5sand sets, Pingfangwang oil filed only has ES4red beds;By4-property relationship on the basis of the study of the reservoir has the following characteristics, lithology:siltstone, fine sandstone; physical properties:Pingfangwang oil filed is best, Chunhua oil filed is second, Boxing Sag is worst, oiliness:The main oil bearing grade of Pingfangwang oil filed is immersion, oil spot and oil trace are in Chunhua oil filed and Boxing Sag; electrical characteristics,oil pay resistivity generally more than3¦¸¡¤m of Chunhua oil filed and Pingfangwang oil filed in ES4; oil pay resistivity of Boxing Sag generally more than8Q-m, oil pay resistivity of Chunhua oil filed generally more than4Q¡¤m in Kongdian groupUsing SP curve to identify Flooded strata, induction conductivity and Resistivity to identify wastewater and formation water. H1,H3,H4,H5sand groups reservoir were watered exceptH2sand group,form the completed well log data and other information in Chun26Block
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