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Study and Application of Methods on High-precision Matching of P-wave and S-wave

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Tutor: ShenZhongMin
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords: 3D3C(3Demension and3component),prestack inversion,P-wave,C-wave,match,deep tight
CLC: P631.4
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2012
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Researches, experiments and industrializing scales of production aboutmulti-component seismic exploring technology, especially3D3C seismic technology,have globally rising trends in recently years. At present, multi-component seismictechnology is rapidly developing in China. Many major industries and scientificresearch institutions, such as CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, CAS and so on, have tackledkey problems in science and technology, which made multi-component seismictechnology has brighter applying prospects in lithological, elusive,and unconventionaloil and gas fields. However, if the lithological and physical parameters, such as the timedifference ratio, amplitude ratio, velocity ratio, impedance of P-wave and S-wave, thePoisson¡¯s ratio,the bulk and shear modulus, the Lame coefficient and so on, will beapplied to predict reservoirs, detect fractures and identify fluids, the high precision dataof P-wave and S-wave are the crucially initial data. Thefore, before the comprehensivedata are applied which are the union attributes between P-wave and S-wave, thesimultaneously jointed inversion of P-wave and S-wave, etc., the maching problemsbetween P-wave and S-wave should be resolved firstly.On the base of the maching methods from other scholars, this article presents thenew train of thoughts to indirectly match P-wave and S-wave which is from the P-waveprestack inversion. So, it has broken the traditional routes of the directly match,resolved the bottleneck in the matching problems which may restrict the application ofmulti-component, formed the new and high precision matching flow, and achieved thegood applying effects. The chief creatively achievements are as following:Firstly, on the base of the AVO theory, it establishes the new methods to achievethe S-wave by P-wave prestack inversion.Secondly, on the base of the nonlinear chaos theory and the calculating method ofvelocity ratio between P-wave and S-wave, on the control of the symbolic stratum, itestablishes the nonlinear high precision inversion methods of P-wave and S-wavevelocity ratio for the first time. Thirdly, for the first time, it presents to use the better similarity between theinversed S-wave and the C-wave to establish the new highly precision matchingmethods, which overcomes the negative factors from the difference between P-waveand S-wave, such as amplitude, phase, wave form, velocity and so on. Therefore, thetrain of thought from the traditional matching methods is changed essentially toimprove the matching precision by a wide margin.Fourthly, from the amplitude, frequency, phase, wave form and other angle, itroundly researches the kinematics, dynamics and geometry characters of P-wave,S-wave and C-wave. It roundly analyzes the affecting factors about the match betweenP-wave and C-wave. On the base of these researches, for the first time, it presents thematching conditions to satisfy the high precision matching requirements of P-wave andC-wave.Lastly, for the first time, the high precision matching technology has been appliedto the exploring and developing of deep tight clastic rock gas reservoir. On the base of3D3C seismic data in XC area in Sichuan basin, the creative achievements have beenobtained by the P-wave and C-wave jointed inversion.
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