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Study on new technology of electric furnace side dilution settlement

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Tutor: ShenQiangHua
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: Non-ferrous metallurgy
Keywords: Electric furnace,Slag dilution,Spray gun,copper matte
CLC: TF811
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Copper is a common non-ferrous metal. Now,With its excellent performance, widely used, the earliest is one of human development and utilization of metal materials. Now-adays, copper smelting are in rich oxygen produced under conditions of Intensification of smelting, such process has the advantage of high efficiency and adaptability is strong, but the disadvantage is that the slag generated in the copper content is higher. Relatively is common in the industrial process has Converting slag dilution water quenching return smelting process, slow cooling-flotation process, sedimentation furnace dilution process, process of production or over can¡¯t be denied, but there are still insufficient.Because about in the process of dilution dilution effect is one of the most important factor is the Fe3O4, content of Fe3O4determine the melting point and viscosity of the molten slag, is a tremendous obstacle to copper matte and slag separation. Combined with production practice, this paper put forward under the condition of the most widely used electric furnace dilution process, the modification of the electric furnace, disadvan-tages, against disadvantages of electric furnace is put forward the reconstruction plan of the targeted. The final modification is also designed to make the electric furnace slag of copper content lower dilution. Due to the electric furnace is heated unevenly, dynamic conditions such as faults, through the analysis of type of slag adjustment is the key. So add in the front of the furnace which has the function of reduction stirring molten pool area. Reduce the Fe3O4content in slag. According to thermodynamic calculation and production practice, the specific modification contents include:(1) In theory, the dilution process of copper are analyzed and used carbon is reduction of Fe3O4experiment on slag, using C as the reductant Fe3O4content in slag is lower than5%;(2) The design and improvement of furnace, adding a molten pool in the front upper part of the furnace, molten pool and a flue, in reducing smelting area, in the furnace opening of both sides of two additional gun;(3) t Selection of coal powder as a reducing agent, reducing agent spray gun transmission rate is15kg/min, two guns and conveying, blast volume600m3/h;(4) The material balance and heat balance calculation, calculation shows that needs to supplement the heat balance of coal684.67kg;(5) Insert spray gun in the horizontal direction, selected in the slag line to the surface within the slag line distance level500mm, Lance entrance and slag line flush, in the vertical direction, selected in the electrode hole to the feed port in the middle;(6) prepared to spray gun injection related supporting facilities. Above content of the specific design and renovation plans, take back the specific reconstruction scheme presented in this paper by illustrations.This modification is simple and basic for most electric furnace for the modification. After the modification design of dilution furnace, will implement update on the function. Original dilution furnace only have thermal subsidence function, and after the modifIca-tion of the new dilution furnace, have certain reduction function, can effectively reduce the Fe3O4content, adjust type slag, makes the separation of copper matte and slag more thoroughly, improve the utilization of copper resources.
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