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Study of titanium slag process parameter adjustment and application of large-scale closed DC electri

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Tutor: LeiZuo
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: Non-ferrous metallurgy
Keywords: DC arc furnace,slag,carbon ratio(AIP),titanium slag in acid solution,Titanium sl
CLC: TF823
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The process of titanium slag smelting by closed direct current electric furnace (DC) adds the mixed of anthracite and titanium concentrate into the furnace through a hollow electrode. Under the condition of high temperature, the iron oxide in ilmenite concentrate reduction reverts to Fe and discharges through the taphole.At the same time, TiO2beneficiation in the slag is expelled through slag outlet exclusion. The process of titanium slag smelting by using closed direct current electric furnace (DC furnace) is a sustainable development production model because of its processing capability, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, as well as its easy reuse of off gas. It can also control reductive degree of feeding material by adjusting input power. In conclusion, smelting titanium slag by using DC furnace is a kind of sustainable development of green production model. Smelting titanium slag by using DC furnace is a kind of green production model of sustainable developmentIn order to abosorb and employ titanium slag smelting technology of high-power closed direct current electric furnace, enhance the smelting level of Yunnan province and of all the nation, and also develop the titanium slag production to the direction of large-scale and environment friendly, the optimization measures have been put forward on the basis of analysis of reduction smelting principle and analysis of problems in production process due to changing factors and technology changes through the first domestic DC furnace research. Titanium slag by DC furnace smelting is chlorinated slag, which is suitable for the production of Titanium tetrachloride by chlorination.In order to widen the scope of application of titanium slag, greatly utilize surrounding titanium ore mineral resources, and better adapt to market demand, it is feasible to smelt acid dissolved titanium slag by employing DC furnace based on economic and technical analysis.Various technic index conditions of sulfuric acid method of acid soluble titanium slag by DC furnace are verified through designing titanium slag acid solution test. The acid solution rate of titanium slag under the optimal acid solution conditions is93.297%after sulfate solution test, and the titanium slag fully satisfies the technical requirements of sulfuric acid method.Under experimental conditons, the optimum prerequisites for acid hydrolysis are:(1) the acidolysis reaction time is20min;(2) the acid hydrolysis reaction temperature is175¡æ;(3) acid slag ratio is2.0(4) curing time is120min. In order to make the products of titanium slag better adapt to the demands of industrial acid slag, it is necessary to adjust the DC furnace process control parameters:(1) reduce consumption of anthracite by lowering the AIP value to make Fe2O3restored to FeO in titanium concentrate;(2) change the input power of the DC furnace. The heat of per ton of titanium concentrate smelting production of titanium slag consumption should be reduced to1520.268kWh when FeO content reaches12%in titanium slag;(3) under different power conditions of DC furnace, adjusting the AIP and loading rate, the material in and out of DC furnace should be kept in balance;(4)change the titanium slag cooling system, and lower the formation of the TiO2retile type titanium slag;(5) acid dissolved titanium slag particle size should be controlled less than0.44mm, and simplify the slag treatment technology. It is feasible to produce acid titanium slag by DC furnace through technical adjustments.In practical industrial trial production of DC furnace, the above several controlling factors need to be adjusted to adapt to the changes of DC furnace, due to the large capacity of furnace smelting, high input power, and DC furnace flue gas treatment produced after purification as a production and energy use. Through selecting the production datas of16days during the experimental period, the balance of materials is established through the analysis of material compositions according to the characteristics of different materials. Then the average value of DC furnace is obtained during the smelting production cycle, which avoids burning through furnace wall and other production accidents.
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